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Munro Tech Spotlight: Presidium Part Two – Benefits of RevoTherm

Various RevoTherm® Parts from Presidium USA

Munro Tech Spotlight: Presidium Part Two – Benefits of RevoTherm®

In part two of our Tech Spotlight: Presidium, we’re highlighting the benefits of the company’s product, RevoTherm®, which stands for revolutionary thermoset. RevoTherm is a polyurethane-based thermoset resin system with material properties capable of replacing traditional composite materials in either a lightweight “neat” or reinforced system.

RevoTherm® is created in a two-part chemistry using a traditional isocyanate and Presidium’s “secret sauce”, a modified polyol that has structural properties up to five times stronger than typical urethanes. However, it retains the benefits of a urethane system with low viscosity that flows like water and cures into a finished part. This allows the material to easily flow into tools to make parts, so you can use low-pressure tools and processes that are relatively inexpensive compared to other industry equipment.

The RevoTherm® system is a clean (non-styrenic) and low-labor process suited for numerous manufacturing applications including closed- molding, pultrusion, RIM, and vacuum infusion using commercially available meter mix equipment and low-cost tooling. Compared to many traditional composite processes, the RevoTherm® system produces minimal waste and low VOCs.

In addition, part design freedom is expanded with the ability to add-in thick-to-thin areas, embosses and textures with no read-through. Being a polyurethane-based material, the end product has optimal adhesion properties for coatings and adhesives.

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Next week, we’ll share the last post for this Tech Spotlight series and highlight RevoTherm’s applications.

To view part one of this series, click here!




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