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NEW Stator Patent from Tesla!!!

New Tesla Stator Patent

NEW Stator Patent from Tesla!!!

Tesla never ceases to amaze the public or the engineering realm with consistent improvements and innovations within EV technology.  Previously, Tesla introduced a new battery patent at the tail end of last year which was might be revealed on battery day by Tesla. Many people are very eagerly awaiting concrete data on the performance of this

battery and feel that it is the next step in battery technology without going to solid-state.  EV Source does a great video on this which you can watch here:

Batteries aside, what does this new stator patent reveal? Although some parts of the patent are vague, and in general the patent doesn’t make for light reading of the average enthusiast, but it does hint at a few manufacturing issues that this stator will presumably solve:

“Typical electric motors have stator cores that are formed from metal laminates stacked one above another. An inner periphery of these stator cores typically define slots (or teeth) on which multiple coils of wire are wound. Each coil of wire may be wound over all or a subset of the slots. As the slots are defined only along the inner periphery of the stator core, such winding of the coil of wires over the subset of slots in the stator core may be challenging, laborious and hence, time consuming. Moreover, such winding may incur additional expense in terms of tooling requirements that are required to perform the winding of coils in the slots of the stator core.”

So what is the take away?  If Tesla did the job right, then the new Tesla motors will cost less to produce and that might be a game changer for the market yet again.

To read the full article by Charged EV Magazine click here:

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Al Steier and Munro mechanics standing around looking at the underbelly of the Tesla Model S Plaid
Under the hood of the Tesla Model S Plaid

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