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New York Times: Munro Says the Mega Casting is Just Spectacular

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New York Times: Munro Says the Mega Casting is Just Spectacular

As anyone who has followed Munro’s teardown of the Tesla Model Y knows, our team has found numerous improvements over the Model 3 we tore down previously as well as a bundle of great new surprises that delight the automotive engineer and EV enthusiast alike.

One of the biggest finds was the Mega Casting which is the largest aluminum casting that our team has ever seen in all it’s 32 years of existence.  What is even more interesting is the process that pulls this off.

The New York Times just recently did a great little feature on this part of the Model Y and gave homage to Munro siting Sandy as saying, “…it is just spectacular.”  The article goes on to talk about inside information revealed to the reporter from a source at the new Tesla plant in Germany, and how Tesla is taking a new tact by replacing several costly robots that can’t keep up with giant aluminum casting machines that will produce simpler chassis parts.

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Al Steier and Munro mechanics standing around looking at the underbelly of the Tesla Model S Plaid
Under the hood of the Tesla Model S Plaid

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