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Sandy Gives His Final Thoughts On The Polestar 2 Ep. 5

Sandy Munro Polestar 2 Ep5 Final Thoughts

Sandy Gives His Final Thoughts On The Polestar 2 Ep. 5

In this episode, Sandy sums up his general impressions of this vehicle and it is very positive.  In fact, Sandy says that this might be the next closest competitor to Telsa from his cursory examination of the vehicle in these past few episodes.  Only a full teardown would reveal exactly where Polestar 2 stands next to Tesla, but we will rely on our viewers to let us know what they want to see next.

In general though Sandy likes the looks, many of the features – especially safety features and deems at least from this surface look that Volvo has made some wise design choices.

But for the full description of the parts, features, and design choices Sandy likes on the Polestar 2, you need to watch the full episode:





Al Steier and Munro mechanics standing around looking at the underbelly of the Tesla Model S Plaid
Under the hood of the Tesla Model S Plaid

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