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Cory and Ben Dive Into The Components Of The Mach-E Thermal System

Mach-E Thermal System Components explained by Cory and Ben

Cory Steuben, President of Munro & Associates, and Ben Lindamood, Account Director and lead on the Ford Mach-E teardown, take our viewers on a tour of their findings of the thermal system of the Ford Mach-E.

Cory first points out that the compressor motor needs quite a bit of power to effectively compress the refrigerant R1234YF gas and that is why in an electric vehicle it requires a high voltage line running to it. From there the refrigerant moves through the hoses into the condenser that then cools the compressed gas by having outside air run through its fins and piping from the grills opening up if the car is moving or the fan if the car is stationary. This process condenses the high pressure, high-temperature gas and dissipates the heat allowing the gas to form into a liquid.

From the condenser, the refrigerant flows through another line and into the chiller which has two functions: 1) the heat exchanger portion cools the ethylene glycol run in a loop that cools the batteries and other electric and vehicle systems and 2) leads up to the thermal expansion valve and then into the evaporator at the front of your dashboard which opens up the volume of the line and allows the compressed liquid refrigerant to revert back to a gas which drops the temperature significantly thus giving you airconditioning.

For heating of the electronics, battery, and cabin, the Ford Mach-E uses a traditional heater core which is a heat exchanger that derives its heat from a PTC (positive temperature coefficient) electric heater.

From here, Cory reviews the HVAC cooling and heating system in a Model Y, which instead uses a heat pump system that effective eliminates the need for a heater core or PTC heater. But to find out it’s advantages, you will have to click on the link below:


Al Steier and Munro mechanics standing around looking at the underbelly of the Tesla Model S Plaid
Under the hood of the Tesla Model S Plaid

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