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EV Breakthrough Webinar Part II September 16

EV Breakthrough Part 2 Webinar September 16th 2021

Join Sandy Munro of Munro & Associates as well as Rick Walker, President of GAMA and SAMA, Albert Burleigh, Executive Director of EV Sales for Blue Bird Corporation, David Eyes, CMILT Director of Automotive Solutions at DiCentral, and Richard Doak, Technology Strategist for the manufacturing and automotive segment within the Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft for the EV Breakthrough webinar (Part 2) that will span everything from EV teardowns, EV Buses, Computer Technology in EV, and the direction of the EV market.

Hosted by Shawn McEwan, Director of Automotive Solutions at DiCentral, and Rick Walker, this EV Breakthrough webinar is a lead panel discussion with the group that will discuss and debate several of the hot topics in the Electric Vehicle space. Each of the speakers is an expert in their respective fields and have several years of perspective on where they see the industry going, from the small to the macro scale. Other topics discussed, will be industry 4.0 and JIT issues in the new EV world, the microchip shortage, traditional ICE manufacturers supply chain disruption, EV charging infrastructure, and the looming shadow of China who has started down the EV market path earlier than most of the world and how they will affect the industry and global demand.

Will traditional automakers fall behind and will local supply chains survive the transition to the electric vehicle space?

This is will be a thrilling discussion with some of the thought leaders in the electric vehicle space that you don’t want to miss. The EV Breakthrough webinar will be taking place next week on Thursday September 16th, 2021 at 1PM CDT – 2PM EST.

To sign up for the second installment of the EV Breakthrough webinar, follow this link to the landing page and secure your spot!

Electric Vehicle Breakthrough Continued | DiCentral Webinars


Al Steier and Munro mechanics standing around looking at the underbelly of the Tesla Model S Plaid
Under the hood of the Tesla Model S Plaid

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