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2022 Mini Cooper EV First Impressions

2022 Mini Cooper Munro Teardown First Impressions

In this episode of Munro Live we were kindly provided a 2022 Mini Cooper EV for us to have a look at and analyze from an exterior perspective. Cory Steuben, President of Munro & Associates introduces a long time associate of Munro, Paul Lester, who guides us through his perspectives and even brings in an original Mini 1961 (originally called an Austin 7, or an offshoot thereof) to show some of the differences in design that has evolved throughout the years.

This 1961 Mini has a lot of aspects of Lean Design that he showcases, which made the car very cost effective and affordable in its time as well a cute British styling that made this iconic car what it is today. Paul points out that there is no secondary door panel, a basic locking opening system, sliding windows instead of a drop down design, and more. With a transverse engine making up 20% of the vehicle and the rest being passenger space, this is a design based in lightweighting and cost efficient design.

Cory then has a look at the new Mini Cooper EV and points out size difference pointing out how much bigger it is while still retaining a compact design. The wheel comparison between the two vehicles are massive with the original 1961 mini having only a 10 inch wheel and a tiny shift lever.

The general styling look is still the styling look of the 2001 model with minor changes. One thing that Munro doesn’t like is the fact that there is no frunk but instead looks like a converted ICE vehicle to EV look. However, this makes sense when looking at the general space in the vehicle which is tight to say the least.

Under the motor cover we find a low voltage vacuum pump that doesn’t have an advanced 1,2, or 3 box system for the brakes. It still has it’s standard ICE break system. There is a steel weldment that surrounds the inverter box – perhaps as a built in safety measure, but one we have never seen before in a vehicle.

Many other interesting points and findings are covered, but to learn them all, you have to watch the video below:


Al Steier and Munro mechanics standing around looking at the underbelly of the Tesla Model S Plaid
Under the hood of the Tesla Model S Plaid

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