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Jeep Wrangler 4xe Off-Roading

Jeep Wrangler 4xe Off-roading with Sandy Munro

In this fun episode of Munro Live’s series, we go hog wild bringing our Jeep Wrangler 4xe off-roading where Sandy Munro takes the vehicle for a spin, literally.

Cory’s friend has a bike course on his property, kindly allowed us to take our loaned Jeep Wrangler 4xe off-roading. There are several hills to traverse and some bush path to follow that Sandy takes advantage of.

Sandy starts off explaining that he has already sussed out and driven through the path. This way he knows before hand what he is getting into. He also points out that this is a course definitely designed for dirt bikes and not so much a Jeep. There isn’t as many opportunities to show off some of the capabilities that a Jeep has when tackling certain terrain. There are no ponds, fallen trees, or massive rocks to traverse on this course. But that doesn’t mean the team can’t have fun.

Although this is more of a fun video for the audience instead of an analysis, Sandy wants to remind Jeep that they are putting the grab handle in the wrong place. The position of the handle being placed on the left side instead of up top makes it awkward to use. Sandy first instinct is to grab for a place on the inside ceiling of the vehicle or the steering wheel. Please fix it!

Sandy explains that he is already in gear for the experience and gives a few pointers for the audience. Sandy immediate starts to travel through the series of hills, taking the first one a little slower. From there he ramps up taking the next set of hills faster and with more gusto! Going through the whole track doesn’t take long, so they decide to go through some bush area next.

You will get to see Sandy traverse through the bush utilizing some aspects of the Jeep. But most hilarious of all is the reactions from Cory in the back. Sandy finishes the show off with him doing donuts in the field.

For an enjoyable distraction from your day, click below to watch the full episode:


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