2022 Mini Cooper SE Electric Ride & Drive

2022 Mini Cooper EV Ride and Drive Munro

In this third installment of the 2022 Mini Cooper SE EV our team comprising of Cory and Paul take this vehicle on a Ride and Drive experience. Paul reveals to our audience that he has previously owned four original style Minis as well as two newer ones, making this ride and drive experience his seventh.

Cory starts off navigating to a local charging station. Along the way, Cory points out his first issue with the cars navigation system which sort of obscures the path under, “a mess of yellow and green.”

Cory continues to find places for improvement including questioning when the resolution or look of the dash screen vs. the navigation screen has a more muted look as opposed to the glossy vibrant images of the navigation.

There is also a stiffness to the vehicle and some apparent NVH experienced in the passenger side door. Probably not a surprise to anyone, but if you happen to be a taller person, the Mini Cooper SE will be a bit of a cramped ride.

Overall though the team is happy with the interiors and feel of the car.

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