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Anwise Visiting World Famous Munro & Associates
WeChat, May 8

Munro & Associates meets with Shenzhen SFDP To build the Shenzhen Global Benchmarking Innovation Center with Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association (SIDA)
WeChat, May 4

Let “Lean Design” Get More Inspiration in Shenzhen
Shenzen Government Article, Apr 28


3D Printing’s Larger Role Pushes Software/Hardware Changes
Design News, January 6


You might be able to get a BMW i3 for just $24,944
Auto Blog, December 22

Design Apps to Speed the Design Process
Design News, December 16

Automation Economics Theatre Line-up
Advanced Manufacturing Canada, November 18

BMW i3: Donuts Not Included… And Other Insights
Clean Technica, November 17

Why The BMW i3 Can’t Do Donuts, + Other Interesting Nuggets
Vehicle News, November 16

Munro & Associates CEO to Keynote SAE’s Energy Saving & Emission Reduction …
TD Profit – Energy, October 30

Munro & Associates CEO to Keynote SAE’s Energy Saving & Emission Reduction Forum’s Lightweighting Session, October 29

Strength, ingenuity and safety. Watch this i3 Munro video
BMW i3 Guide, October 24

BMW i3 battery is easily replaced
BMW i3 Guide, October 23

Design Outsourcing Is on the Rise
Design News, October 21

Design Engineers Get Schooled on Manufacturing
Design News, October 16

AEG CoalSwitch in early talks with power plant owners, says Active Energy
Proactive Investors, October 5

“Most Advanced Vehicle On The Planet” — BMW i3?
Clean Technica, October 1

World’s first sustainable biomass fuel to replace coal?
Vector News, September 24

Biomass Energy Enhancements and partners to market biomass coal alternative
CD Recycler – Construction & Demolition, September 16

Puffed Wood Pellets Hold Promise for Coal Power Plant Conversions
Woodworking Network, September 16

Collaboration Leads to First Sustainable Biomass Fuel to Replace Coal
PDD Net, September 15

Munro & Associates Inc. Collaborates with AEG-BEE Partnership to Create World’s First Sustainable Biomass Fuel to Replace Coal
PR News Wire, September 15

Active Energy JV to commercialize biomass fuel processing
SeeNews – Renewables, September 14

AEG is commercializing a revolutionary biomass fuel technology, which can substitute traditional coal
WoodBiz Forum, September 14

New Biomass for Energy
AEG Official Press Release, September 14

Suppliers Are Joining the Design Team
Design News, August 3

Carbon Fibers Spearhead Automotive Lightweighting Effort
Design News, Jun 16

Shooting for Industry 3.5
Design News, Jun 10

$50,000 BMW i3 Torn Apart to Expose Secrets of ‘Car of the Future’
HNGN, May 8

Engineering Firm Shows How The BMW i3 Is Revolutionary
Insider Car News, May 7

Second Round of BMW i3 Tear-Down Videos Show How Revolutionary BMW’s Plug-in City Car Really Is
Transport Evolved, May 7

BMW i3 Gets Torn Apart In The Name Of Science
GAS 2, May 6

BMW i3 Tear-Down Videos
BMW Blog, May 5

BMW i3 Tear-Down Videos Show Electric Car’s Radical Design
Green Car Reports, May 5

BMW i3 Most Dramatic Car Since Model T, Consultant Says
Manufacturing Engineering Magazine, April 21

Design Tools Get Comfortable in the Cloud
Design News, April 16

Look Inside BMW i3 Battery Pack
Inside EVs, April 12

Munro & Associates CEO to Discuss BMW i3 Material and Lightweighting Success at SAE World Congress Tech Hub
Forward Geek, April 12

BMW i3 Nearing Sustainable Rate of Sales
Charged – Electronic Vehicles Magazine, April 8

Is Carbon Fiber Gimmick, Or Paradigm Shift?
Repair Driven News, Mar. 26

New Design Apps for a New World
Design News, Mar. 24

Munro & Associates CEO Offers ‘A Peek into the Future’ of Manufacturing at MFG Meeting
Bloomberg, Mar. 6

Munro & Associates CEO Offers ‘A Peek into the Future’ of Manufacturing at MFG Meeting
Reuters, Mar. 6

App Lightens Up Your Design’s Materials
Design News, Mar. 6

The BMW i3: Deconstructed
Automotive Design and Production, Mar. 2

CAD Moves to the Start of Design
Design News, Feb. 23

Bigger Pickups Are A Result of Change In Fuel Standards
Bloomberg, Feb. 19

Munro & Associates’ D. Foreman Demonstrates How Virtualization and Simulation Can Create Big Advantages in New Product Conceptualization at Innovation in Design Conference
Reuters, Feb. 12

BMW i3: The ‘Most Significant Vehicle Since the Model T’
Design News, Feb. 10

Is BMW’s i3 Profitable
Motor Trend, Jan. 30

BMW i3 “one of the best engineered vehicles on the planet”
Automotive Purchasing, Jan. 15

Munro Discusses Groundbreaking Technology Finds from BMW i3 Teardown at Plastics in Automotive Conference
Bloomberg, Jan. 14

Five Reasons Why BMW i3 Is Yet To Be A Huge Success In Germany
BMWRemaker, Jan. 9

The Most Advanced Vehicle On The Planet Taken Apart And Reverse Engineered
Charged – Electric Vehicles Magazine, Jan. 8

Teardown Reverse Engineering The BMW i3 Technology
Ecomento, Jan. 7

Unlocking The Secrets of BMW’s Remarkable Car of the Future
Forbes, Jan.

Reverse Engineering The BMW i3
BMW Blog, Jan. 5

Munro Discusses Groundbreaking Technology Finds from BMW i3 Teardown at Plastics in Automotive Conference
CNBC News, Jan.

Us Company Can Reverse Engineer The BMW i3 To Tell You Its Secrets
In Auto News, Jan. 5

BMW i3 Electric Car Teardown: Profitable At 20,000 Units
Green Car Reports, Jan. 5

BMW i3 Called Most Revolutionary Car’ Since Ford Model T
Autoblog, Jan.

Munro Discusses Groundbreaking Technology Finds from BMW i3 Teardown at Plastics in Automotive Conference
Yahoo! News Finance, Jan. 5

BMW i3 Electric Car Teardown: Profitable At 20,000 Units, Says Engineer (Video)
Yahoo! News Auto, Jan. 5

2015 BMW i3 Profitable After Just 20,000 Cars
Transport Evolved, Jan. 5


The Future Of The Car Is Not What It Was
Wall Street Journal, Dec. 23

The Future Of Cars Looks Very Different
Wall Street Journal, Dec.

US/China Press, Dec. 22

Sandy Munro, CEO, Munro & Associates, confirmed for Automotive Megatrends USA 2015
Automotive World, Nov. 28

Munro & Associates Releases New Application
Desktop Engineering, Nov. 11

New App For Design Profit 6 Sigma Defect Rate Converter
Technology Century, Nov. 11

App for Design Profit® 6 Sigma Defect Rate Converter from Munro & Associates, Inc. Now Available
Reuters, Nov. 10

Good Design Saves Money Brooklyn, Oct. 15

Software That Cuts Risk, Improves Profits
Today’s Medical Developments, Oct. 9

Munro Discusses DFM History, Applications and Trends at the Design for Manufacturing Summit
Reuters, Oct. 9

Early Concepting: The Design Before the Design
Design News, July 29

GM Says Recall Costs Won’t Affect Product Spending Plans
Wall Street Journal, July 28

Design Renaissance in Manufacturing
Design News, June 30

Measuring Design, Does Your Engineering Measure Up
Aerospace Manufacturing and Design, June 12


American Manufacturing Magazine High Tech Benchmarking
American Manufacturing Magazine, July/Aug.

Choose To Solve Problems In The Design Phase
Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry, June 3

10 Elements of a Successful Product Launch
Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry, June 3


Yet Another Benchmarking Story; Will It Ever End?
Product Design & Development, November 19

CBO Finds Electric Cars Not Smart: Toyota Pulls Plug On Its iQ
Forbes, Oct. 30

Munro & Associates Demonstrates Next-Generation Manufacturing
Detroit Business, Oct. 23

Mapping The Road To 54.5 MPG
Automotive Engineering, Oct. 23

Captain Hybrid: 54.5 MPG Comes With Trade-Offs, Oct.

Wringing Out Every Watt, Ounce, and Dollar
Today’s Energy Solutions, Oct.

GM Offering Big Discounts To Spark More Volt Sales
CTV News, July 24

Company Profile
GLITR, Jun. 22

Munro & Associates Named Economic Bright Spot
Oakland Press, Jun. 22

Munro Gets European Partnership With Paramex For Design Profit Software
GLITR, Jun. 14

Kaikaku: Manufacturing Re-Imagined
SME, May

Predictive Modeling Can Help Manufacturers, Apr. 19

Chevrolet Volt Teardown Reveals Volt was Designed for Upgrades
Auto Guide, Feb. 6

Under the hood: GM’s blueprint for Volt 2.0
Automotive News, Feb. 3


Munro & Associates CEO Honored as one of Michigan’s Leaders & Innovators
Bloomerg, November 16

GM Volt Battery Fire Is Said To Prompt US Probe Into Electric Car Safety
Bloomberg, November 12

The Next Generation of Manufacturing: Munro & Associates’ CEO Discusses Advancements in Manufacturing at the American
Bloomberg, Nov. 11

2008 and older

My Other Car Is a Tata
Bloomberg, Jan. 2, 2008

Look Ma No Pilot
BuslnessWeek, Sep. 10, 2007

Car Engine For Aircraft Debuts At Oshkosh 2007
Aero-News, Jul. 26, 2007

Keeping it Clean and Lean
Australian Manufacturing Technology, Jul. 2007

How Did They Do That? – Prius
Under The Hood, May 2007

The Last Bastion of Inefficiency
Industrial Engineer, Nov. 2006

Gas Saver Or Tailpipe Dream?
Bloomberg, Sept. 17, 2006

Detecting Resistant Strains
Bloomberg, Sept. 9, 2006

Ford’s Latest Recall
Bloomberg, Sept. 5, 2006

Ford Eyeing Bathroom Breaks
CNN Money, Oct. 2005

Lean Design for Plumper Profits, Apr. 2005

Chrysler profits jump to $1.9 billion
Detroit News

Japan Gets Wise
Automotive Industries, Apr. 2003

Coming Model From Honda Sprouts Wings: Will It Fly?
Wall Street Journal, Dec. 2002

Wake Up, GA Industry, the Sun is Rising
AOPA Pilot, Nov. 2002

For(e)-ward Thinking At Club Car

This is War
The Aviation Consumer, Oct. 2002

Will Mini Make Money?
Automotive Industries, Apr. 2002

Detroit Is Cruising for Quality
Bloomberg, Sept. 2001

How Healthy is Your Machine
Manufacturing Engineering, Jul. 1996

Dissection and Nitpicking Inc.

Public Reports and Studies

EPA Light-Duty Technology Cost Analysis Pilot Study

EPA Light-Duty Technology Cost Analysis, Report on Additional Transmission, Mild Hybrid, and Valvetrain Technology Case Studies

EPA Light-duty Technology Cost Analysis – Report on Additional Case Studies

EPA Light-Duty Technology Cost Analysis, Power-Split and P2 HEV Case Studies

Press Releases

Munro & Associates Announces European Partnership with Paramex on Design Profit® Software
Jun. 12, 2012

Munro & Associates CEO Honored for Grant Thornton Leader & Innovator of the Year
Nov. 16, 2011

DoD Cost and Complexity Reduction
Apr. 21, 2011

Munro Helps EPA Forecast the Real Cost for Greener Engines
Feb. 8, 2010

Promo Materials/Misc. Docs

A New Methodology to eliminate “Projects of Concern” in all future Defence Design and Development Programs

Defence Manufacturing Explanation

Predicting Total Costs for DOD Programs

Enabling the Birth of a New Transportation System

Aviation Press

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