Fast Fact: Average ROI for Munro Customers is More than 10 Fold in One Year

Did you know that the average ROI for Munro customers is more than 10 fold in one year and the average payback period is just three months?

It’s true.

Since 1988, Munro & Associates has consistently saved companies billions of dollars spanning the gamut of manufacturing industries from aerospace, defense, automotive, marine, medical, heavy industries, MTDM, consumer electronics and more.

The company has a proven track record of helping companies reduce “time to market,” R&D, engineering and manufacturing costs, while increasing the quality of products, processes and systems. This has resulted in customers not only realizing higher profit margins, but also significantly increasing market share … or achieving market dominance.

How does Munro do it?

By evolving the way companies manufacture. From the executive level (program cost reduction and management, consolidation, risk assessment) down through engineering, costing, supply chain and manufacturing, Munro offers a suite of exclusive, time-tested tools and methodologies that are the envy of the industry.

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