Back by Popular Demand: Sandy Munro Discusses Tesla Cybertruck on Autoline

It was “love at first sight,” according to Munro & Associates CEO Sandy Munro. As an avid off-roading and hunting enthusiast, when Sandy first saw the Tesla Cybertruck he was love-struck.

Sandy recently discussed his thoughts on the Cybertruck on Autoline After Hours. Joining him on the panel was Host John McElroy, Frank Markus of Motor Trend and Gary Vasilash of AutoBeat.

During the almost 1.5 hour segment (side note: a number of fans commented there should be no broadcast time limit when Sandy is on!), Sandy discussed a number of topics pertaining to the tooling cost of the Tesla Cybertruck. And, according to his analysis, it can be manufactured at a mere fraction of the cost that is required by any other truck on the market.

Check out Sandy’s full analysis here: and his follow-up comments and clarification regarding the paper instrument panel, which can be found here

P.S. Ever wondered what Elon Musk, co-founder and CEO at Tesla, thinks of Munro’s analysis? Well, wonder no more!

In a recent tweet, Musk shared “Munro’s analysis of Tesla engineering is accurate, both pro & con. I think he will appreciate some elements of the Model Y body design.”

Even though Model Y shares most of its parts with Model 3, the design is still supposed to feature some interesting manufacturing improvements, and it will go into production before the Tesla Cybertruck.