BMW i3 ProspectusAdvanced Costing Methodologies – The Munro Difference

A critical component of Munro’s methodology is our proprietary Total Accounted Cost software – Design Profit ® which provides us with the unique ability to assess
virtually every aspect of the manufacturing process and its associated costs.

Vehicle disassembly is captured and analyzed in the Design Profit® Cost Map®. A process in which every system, sub-system, and component – along with its fabrication process, assembly steps and fastening methods (including tools) – is mapped to produce individual and rollup metrics for piece cost, labor cost, and non-labor costs, including investment costs.

Key outputs from this process include Executive Summary reports, costed bill of material, quality reports, process sheets, and critical path identification. In addition, by utilizing Munro’s Lean Design ® methodology, redesign opportunities can be identified and quantified.

Another unique aspect of the Design Profit software is Cost of Quality® which maps time spent in Quality-related work activities – including rework. Additional quality costs are derived by the inherent failure rates of parts and processes measured in PPM and CpK. The Munro process produces a remarkably accurate projected cost of Quality.

In any automotive costing analysis there are purchased components and commodities subject to negotiated costs which are impossible to calculate. However, industry standard costs for these items are known to Munro and will be inserted at the appropriate assembly point into the Design Profit® software. The labor to install these commodities will also be calculated and captured in a streamlined manner through Design Profit®.

Other Aspects of Benchmarking and Reverse Engineering Process:

In addition to detailed costing information, Munro’s benchmarking outputs also include:

  • FFQ (Fit, Finish, Quality) assessment
  • Photos, weights, measurements and observations which will be imbedded within the cost map.
  • Documentation of all eye catching and revolutionary features
  • Time lapse video of the analysis procedure

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“Engineering consultant Sandy Munro has a shop in suburban Detroit where he takes apart cars, seeking clues to design and manufacturing tricks he can sell to manufacturers eager for a cram course on their competition.”
– Joseph B. White, Wall Street Journal

“…rest assured, a lot of people in the auto industry want to know its secrets… [Munro delivers] a detailed analysis of the costs and processes involved, right down to the individual nuts and bolts used.”
– Joann Muller, Forbes

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