Breaking Down Munro’s Wall Process®

On time and on budget – these are the goals of every product launch team everywhere – yet how many actually achieve this goal?

With more than 30 years of experience that cuts across virtually every segment of the manufacturing industry, Munro & Associates has consistently saved companies billions of dollars.

One of the reasons for Munro’s success is its ability to attack the root cause of all producibility inefficiencies – the product design – with its proprietary Wall Process®.

The Munro Wall Process® is an advanced visual project and risk management tool that unites design, engineering, manufacturing, and finance to help new projects and redesigns deliver on time and on cost by identifying and solving root cause problems before they fester throughout the product development process. The simple color coding system and score cards makes for instant and unapologetic pinpointing of current pressing issues; making for fast and comprehensive executive overview.

Due to the Wall Process’ visual nature, it prevents different departments hiding or hoarding information critical to planning and development while creating a knowledge sharing system that is vastly superior than what exists in many manufacturing companies today.

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