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2021 Volkswagen ID.4: E3 – Hoist Review, Front and Rear Suspension

2021 Volkswagen ID 4 E3 - Hoist Review Front and Rear Suspension

2021 Volkswagen ID.4: E3 – Hoist Review, Front and Rear Suspension

In this episode of Munro Live Sandy conducts a hoist review and has a look under the car examining it’s structure, suspension, as well as brakes and other exposed/visible parts from underneath the vehicle.

First Sandy removes the aeroshields so that he can inspect the underbelly of the car.  Sandy remarks that he finds, ” there are cross car beams all over the place,” and is a little surprised at the over engineering displayed here.  That being said, perhaps this plays into VW long history of making very safe vehicles, but it seems a bit much to Sandy’s keen eye.   Sandy, being the father of the Lean Design methodology, always teaches that part reduction and design simplification is best when creating a product, especially a new vehicle platform.

Moving on to the suspension, Sandy finds a coil spring over a shock absorber with a stabilizer.  This would be the general configuration of a more economy-priced vehicle. Sandy points out that this is in contrast to what you would find in a higher end vehicle such as a BMW or what we found on the Tesla cars we have torn down.

Sandy goes on to show of the steering mechanism/box, he explains why European cars all have pass-by shrouds, why the rear wheels have drum brakes, and much more.  To get the full Sandy analysis, you have to click below to watch the full episode.


Sandy Shares His First Impressions of the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 Episode 1

VW ID4 Episode 1

2021 Volkswagen ID.4: E1 – First Impressions

This first episode in the series where Munro analyzes the Volkswagen ID.4, Sandy gives his first impression on what he sees when viewing the exterior and interior of the car.  Also, it should be noted that this is the rear-wheel drive version of the ID.4.

Sandy starts off with a walk around the vehicle giving his impressions on the wheel choice, fit, finish, and quality, and the overall look of the vehicle.

Sandy then moves on to the interior where he discusses the seats, stearing wheel, infotainment system, and more.  There is a slight mishap where Sandy also get locked in the back seat because the child locks are on; this also causes him to reveal his true feelings about child locks.

After that Sandy Looks at the trunk and gives his final impressions.  To watch this episode, click below:

Sandy Talks 1-On-1 With Zen Matoshi

Sandy Munro Zen Matoshi

Sandy Talks 1-On-1 With Zen Matoshi

In this episode, Sandy has a sit-down conversation with Zen Matoshi, investor and Partner of Faraday Future at Munro & Associates’ headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan.  The episode starts off with Sandy and Zen talking about humble beginnings and sharing their origin stories and moves into Zen talking about his background in banking and wealth management, becoming an angel investor, the beginnings of Hyperloop, Tesla, and moving into Faraday Future.

The conversation moves on into where the two see the future of the Automotive industry, the future of batteries and energy storage, sustainable transportation, and reducing the costs of transportation.  Zen also goes on to explain what he thinks about the valuations of legacy car companies vs. the new EV companies, as well as the cost of maintenance, dealerships, and when will the industry completely flip.

Click below to watch the full episode:

Road Trip – E8: Silicon Valley Tesla Owners meet Sandy

Sandy Munro Silicon Valley Tesla Club

Road Trip – E8: Silicon Valley Tesla Owners meet Sandy

In this episode Sandy and Cory meet-up with the Silicon Valley Tesla club and Sandy tells stories for over 30 minutes.

In this episode, you will find out all sort of things about Munro and Sandy, a sort of “ask me anything” session.  Topics covered include how Sandy hires and why it is different, racing, self-driving cars and how they will impact the future, the future of EV, and much more.

But to hear it all, you will have to watch the video here:

2021 Tesla Model 3: E4 – Under the Hood

2021 Tesla Model 3 E4 - Under the Hood

2021 Tesla Model 3: E4 – Under the Hood

In episode 4 of the new Tesla Model 3 teardown, Sandy has a look under the hood of our new Model 3 and compares it to several of the discoveries we made under the hood of the Mode Y during last years teardown.

One such issue that was caught in the Model Y teardown was the snap fits holding the plastic panels.  Marketable improvement was found on the new Model 3.  Sandy then goes further into examining the frunk and how it is attached, improvements on the air vents, the HVAC, and other components and clips.

But to find out more you will just have to watch:

Road Trip – E2: Rocky Mountain Recap

Western Colorado Tesla Club

Road Trip – E2: Rocky Mountain Recap

In the second installment of the Tesla Model 3 Road Trip, Sandy recaps some of the places he has visited.

The best part of the trip, however, was meeting up with a dozen or so Tesla fans and Munro Live viewers.  From Altuna Iowa to Glenwood Springs Colorado, Sandy met all kinds of Tesla owners, some very unexpectedly that recognized him.

Sandy would like to send a special thanks to Benjamin Westby, President of the Western Colorado Tesla Club for bringing him and Cory one of the best hamburgers that Sandy has ever had!

Sandy also talks about how the wind effected the trip so far, but to hear how that plays out, you have to watch the video:

Aptera Interview: Everything You Want to Know About This Ground-Breaking Vehicle

Aptera Interview With Sandy Munro

Aptera Interview: Everything You Want to Know About This Ground-Breaking Vehicle

Sandy sits down for a video conference meeting with the creators and Co-CEO’s of Aptera, Chris Anthony and Steve Fambro.

Sandy starts off by complimenting the founders on the esthetics of this new generation of vehicle design.  From there Sandy quickly gets into the meat of this vehicle including discussions on it’s solar charging capabilities including different climates/latitudes, the ability to charge the vehicle using just a regular 110V plug, performance, aerodynamics, skin cooling, and other cool tech, as well as there new manufacturing center upgrade and how to get involved with crowdfunding the car including discounts and incentives.

If you want to get a great sense of how this little gem of engineering works then I would highly suggest watching the full video here:

Sandy Reveals to Sean Mitchell What The Auto industry Isn’t Telling You About Tesla

Sandy Munro Reveals to Sean Mitchell Auto Industry Secrets

Sandy Reveals to Sean Mitchell What The Auto industry Isn’t Telling You About Tesla

In this absolutely riveting interview, Sandy Munro reveals several more secrets about Tesla’s plans not just on automobiles, but also Elon Musk’s other ventures.

From Sandy’s new found YouTube fame to some incredible battery information… including on the development of solid state batteries!!!

You do not want to miss this interview!!!


Munro’s Follow-up Episode On The 4680 Battery Pack

Tesla 4680 Follow Up

Munro’s Follow-up Episode On The 4680 Battery Pack

In this episode, Sandy follows up from his last video we did on the 4680 Battery Pack where he addresses several of the comments we got about the original video.  Some interesting points go into more detail about how the system is cooled using the Octovalve and why those choices were made as well as Tesla incredible ability to make quick and smart design changes.

Sandy also reveals that our humble channel has finally reached the 100K subscribers mark and that in a future episode we will be announcing the winners of the various prizes that will be distributed soon!


The Bricklin Stories – Malcolm Bricklin Interview Part 2

Malcolm Bricklin Stories of Subaru Yugo Bricklin

The Bricklin Stories – Malcolm Bricklin Interview Part 2

In this next episode of Munro Live, Sandy walks down memory lane with Malcolm Bricklin talking about how he brought certain cars into the US market including the Subaru 360… and the Yugo.

But most interesting of all, you will hear the full story of the Bricklin SV-1.

To watch the full episode, click here: