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Sandy Munro EV Tech Reviews 2021 On E For Electric

Sandy Munro E4Electric EV Tech Review 2021

Sandy Munro EV Tech Reviews 2021 On E For Electric

Sandy Munro talks about his opinions on various different EV technologies and concepts coming out starting off with NIO’s battery swap process and the battery swap technology in general.

Sandy then moves on to talking about Arrival (the company) and micro-factories, frunks, augmented reality and more.  To find out what Sandy thinks about these technologies, click on this link below:

Alex Guberman from E for Electric shares his thoughts on the ID.4 Ep. 6

Alex from E for Electric Episode 6 VW ID4

2021 Volkswagen ID.4: E6 – Wrap Up with Alex Guberman

In this episode of Munro Live, Sandy turns the tables and interviews Alex Guberman from E for Electric on his thoughts and experiences with the ID.4 which he will be receiving soon.

This video starts off with Alex explaining he just slept on the floor of his newly purchased house in Las Vegas which doesn’t have any furniture yet.

Alex has just recently moved on from driving a Tesla for many years, but admits that owning a luxury Tesla is expensive.  This is the main reason he bought the Volkswagen ID.4 which comes in at about $30,000 USD and he feels that the ID.4 is best for that price range.

Want to know all of Alex’s and Sandy’s thoughts and research on the car?  Well you will just have to watch the episode:

Sandy Gives Future Predictions Regarding Chinese Cars On E for Electric

E for Electric Chinese Automakers NIO Xpeng

Sandy Gives Future Predictions Regarding Chinese Cars On E for Electric

MBA’s “Sunshine Forever” will be upheaved by the future of the EVs… coming from China!  In this episode of E for Electric, Sandy talks about how history repeats itself – specifically that the legacy carmakers are moving too slow to see the future, and will be surprised and upheaved by Chinese car companies such as NIO and Xpeng  coming into the US and world market and sucking up huge market share.

Sandy recounts his past experiences in Japan in the 80’s and 90’s when Toyota came along and revolutionized car manufacturing, while the “Big 3” automotive companies sat on their hands while staring out of their ivory towers oblivious to the rapid change happening in the car market around them.  Just as the American companies underestimated the Japanese then, the US car companies are once again underestimating how fast the market is going to turn to EV as the primary choice for vehicles in the coming future with fierce competition coming out of China.

If you think that Chinese vehicles are low quality or far behind the US in technology, think again.  This is a must watch interview from Sandy giving prognostications and warnings far in advance of the modern paradigms.

Sandy Goes On E For Electric to Talk About Hummer EV in Depth

E For Electric E-Hummer with Sandy Munro

Sandy Goes On E For Electric to Talk About Hummer EV in Depth

Once again, Sandy goes on E for Electric with Alex Guberman to talk in-depth about the upcoming Hummer EV which had a prototype revealed recently in the news.  Judging from the response that we got from our viewers on Munro Live and our social media, this is a sort of controversial automobile.

Enthusiasts of I.C.E. cars think this is a great way to transition an iconic brand into the EV realm, breathing new life into it.  Some were even arguing earlier that this vehicle is going to be vaporware and never materialize, but GM has recently announced that it is definitely going into production starting in the fall of 2021 and moreover they have completely sold out all of their reservations!

In this interview, Sandy will explain what GM will have to go through to get this vehicle production ready so quickly and some of the struggles that await them, but mark Sandy’s word, he thinks that the timeline is more manageable than some think because at the end of the day, many aspects of this vehicle, GM knows how to manufacture and that the main hurdles will just be battery and electric motor related.

For the full video click here:

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