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Whoa! Mach-E Thermal System Nightmare!

Mach-E Thermal System Nightmare

Whoa! Mach-E Thermal System Nightmare!

In this dramatic episode of Munro Live, feel the fear of Sandy as he is shocked with what he finds in the Ford Mach-E Thermal System.  After a brief faint and being revived by the Octovalve, Sandy uncovers a winding snake pit mess of hoses and pumps that we are sure to confuse mechanic and assembly worker alike.  Most likely in an attempt to save money by using off the shelf parts, this is by far one of the worst cooling designs we have seen at Munro.

This video attempts to describe the complex path that this cooling system takes.  Warning this video is not for the faint of heart.  To watch it in all it’s hilarity, click below:

Sandy Gives His First Impressions On The New Electric F-150 Lightning

Sandy Give First Impressions On Electric F-150 Lightning

Sandy Gives His First Impressions On The New Electric F150 Lightning

Sandy starts off his review discussing Munro’s comparison last year of the RAM, F-150, and Silverado.  Although these were ICE vehicles, there are, of course, similarities in the new electric F-150.

Sandy’s pick of model, after looking over a ton of information sent over from Ford, is definitely the Platinum.

Sandy discusses range, batteries, bedsize, performance and everything a consumer should really listen for be interested in.  But to get the full show, watch the clip below: