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Frigidaire vs Sub-Zero: Epic Load Test

Frigidaire vs Sub-Zero Munro's Epic Load Test

In this third installment of Munro Lives series on comparing the Frigidaire vs Sub-Zero refrigerators, Cory and Adam are back at testing the structural integrity of the shelving found in these refrigerators. Off the bat the two waste no time loading up 108 lbs or approximately 49 kilograms onto one of the Sub-Zero shelves by stacking milk jugs all the way to the top. But instead of repeating this same test on the Frigidaire, the two associates then pull the viewer over to look at a comparison of the shelving construction with the shelves attached to a wall mounting for ease of viewing.

We find that both units shelves are made with steel support arms and glass shelves. The Sub-Zero attaches the glass to it’s frame using a plastic over-molding. Inside the molding is most likely found notches in the metal that create added strength when the molding is introduced over it.

While both units have the same thickness of steel, the metal stamping in the Frigidaire has some superior strength features by stamping in gussets to increase the cross sectional width of the shelving arms. This allows the hook part of the shelf to actually be small on the Frigidaire than the Sub-Zero unit. Adam also remarks how he likes the rivets that are used on the Frigidaire shelving making for a stronger connection between the support and base of the shelf.

But, for the moment that all have been waiting for, a potential 571 lbs of milk jugs awaits to be tested on the shelves. Will it be the superior stamping design of the Frigidaire that will win out, or the thicker hook of the Sub-Zero unit?

Find out by clicking below to watch the enthralling showdown of the Frigidaire vs Sub-Zero refrigerators when comparing shelf strength:

Sub-Zero vs Frigidaire – Unboxing & First Impressions

Frigidaire vs Subzero Munro Associates Comparison

In this new episodes of Munro Live we switch gears and look at consumer products, specifically comparing refrigerators from Frigidaire and Sub-Zero.

Cory Steuben, President of Munro & Associates first gives the viewers an overview of Munro’s diversity in benchmarking when it comes to various manufacturing sectors and reminds them that roughly 50% of what Munro does lies outside of automotive. Further to that he comments on our pricing but moves swiftly into introducing Adam Leech who then takes the viewer through his first impressions of the two refrigerators.

Comparing at packaging, country of manufacture, quality, handling and more.

Click below to watch the full episode: