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Sandy Munro EV Tech Reviews 2021 On E For Electric

Sandy Munro E4Electric EV Tech Review 2021

Sandy Munro EV Tech Reviews 2021 On E For Electric

Sandy Munro talks about his opinions on various different EV technologies and concepts coming out starting off with NIO’s battery swap process and the battery swap technology in general.

Sandy then moves on to talking about Arrival (the company) and micro-factories, frunks, augmented reality and more.  To find out what Sandy thinks about these technologies, click on this link below:

Sandy’s Tesla Battery Day Follow-up Part 2

Sandy’s Tesla Battery Day Follow-up

Sandy’s Tesla Battery Day Follow-up Part 2

In the second installment of Sandy’s analysis of Tesla’s battery day discoveries, Sandy starts off by answering certain comments and questions from viewers and then goes into more detail about why he thinks the batteries will be a superior solution.  Sandy also reveals where the large casting came from in our last video – Invocast!

From there Sandy Goes back into history and starts talking about other projects that Munro has worked on where we have turned a corner in technology and improved a product or vehicle to the point where we changed the critic’s minds about what could be possible.

Sandy then moves into Munro’s future, working with several new electric vehicles in order to bring low cost and fun transportation solutions to the market, in the form of Arcimoto’s FUV, Aptera, and the Nobe Car.  We address issues like safety, but also cost, delivering to niche markets, and innovation in a burgeoning area of EVs.  Sandy also let’s his audience know that he is open to investors who want to be a part of the future of these vehicles, specifically the Nobe.

But perhaps most interesting of all… there is a surprise box at the end… what will it be???

Watch the full episode here:

Munro Tech Spotlight: Presidium Part Three – RevoTherm Applications

Presidium RevoTherm Molding Sandy Munro

Munro Tech Spotlight: Presidium Part Three – RevoTherm® Applications

In this final post of our Tech Spotlight series featuring Presidium and its innovation, RevoTherm®, we’re sharing the material’s potential applications and markets.

There are a number of markets where RevoTherm® is applicable, including: automotive aftermarket; agricultural; aerospace; construction; electric vehicle; heavy truck; recreational; RV/ specialty vehicle; marine; infrastructure; windpower; and more.

When it comes to the transportation industries, such as automotive aftermarket and heavy truck, lightweighting has become a big topic and a critical differentiator. In the heavy truck industry, for example, RevoTherm® can reduce the weight of key components, such as body panels, air design pieces, and other large parts by as much as 30% compared to traditional fiberglass composites, or up to 80% as compared to steel; while maintaining their structural integrity.

Jeep Bumper SEMA 2019 made using RevoTherm by Presidium

Jeep Bumper SEMA 2019 made using RevoTherm by Presidium

The same can be said for the agriculture and construction industries. For example, farm operators don’t want heavy equipment that will bog down the field. They want to lightweight as much as possible. At the same time, OEM’s are looking to reduce fabricated metal parts that are costly and labor-intensive.  As compared to other resins, RevoTherm®, because of its inherent strength, has the potential to make parts lighter by downgauging the part geometry or by reducing the amount of fiberglass reinforcement.  In some instances, RevoTherm® is strong enough that it can be used without any reinforcement at all.  It can also be used in many cases to replace fabricated metal parts.  RevoTherm® can also be made into structural foams to further support cavities like beams, pillars, and sandwich boards without adding significant weight.

RevoTherm® also has application potential in the marine industry, which utilizes quite a bit of fiberglass. And, as many of you know, current polyester fiberglass composites have low impact strength and cracks quickly lead to exposed fibers and delamination, as is often seen with hatch doors. RevoTherm® is able to produce stronger parts both in terms of impact and resin to fiber adhesion.

These are just a few of the many ways RevoTherm® can revolutionize the composites industry, as well as the products and processes of many others.

Thanks for following along in this Tech Spotlight series. You can view part one here and part two here.

For more information on Presidium, visit:

Munro Tech Spotlight: Presidium Sets Out to Revolutionize the Composites Industry

Two molded pieces of Presidium USA's Revotherm material.

Munro Tech Spotlight: Presidium Sets Out to Revolutionize the Composites Industry

Munro & Associates is always on the lookout for upcoming, innovative and disruptive technology. To remain on the cutting edge, Munro works to connect with companies that are making a big impact. To highlight some of these companies, we’re starting our Tech Spotlight series.

The first company we’re highlighting in this series is Presidium, an innovative technology company that invents, develops, and manufactures disruptive engineered materials. The company’s mission is to revolutionize not only what products can be made of, but how products are designed and manufactured.

Presidium wants to revolutionize the composites industry. In the more than 40 year history of the $30 billion industry, there have been innovations such as carbon fiber, but in general, it has been the same manufacturing materials, fiberglass and resin systems with the same manufacturing processes.

The company set out to do something different and answer the question, “Can we make a material that not only provides better properties from a material science standpoint, but also change the manufacturing process to improve the total system cost on marking a part, as well as the whole value chain of the composites industry?” said Jeffery Ritz, chief executive officer at Presidium.

And in four years, Presidium has created the material called RevoTherm™. RevoTherm, which stands for revolutionary thermoset, is a polyurethane-based thermoset resin system with material properties capable of replacing traditional composite materials in either a lightweight “neat” or reinforced system. With a number of benefits, Presidium calls RevoTherm the “Swiss Army knife of value propositions.”

Next week, we’ll share part two of this Tech Spotlight series and highlight RevoTherm’s benefits.