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Munro Offers World’s First Official Lean Design® Certification Course

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Munro and Associates, Inc. has a long history of providing excellent training in both the Lean Design® Methodology (reducing weight, cost, and complexity) as well as in its proprietary software, Design Profit®, for engineers and manufacturers to create designs that are of the highest quality and innovation in the industry.

Munro is proud to offer to the world the first official Lean Design® Certification course where students receive comprehensive training in both the Lean Design® Methodology, as well as the industry leading Design Profit® software.

Students will receive intimate training with our instructors providing them with the fundamentals of the Lean Design® Methodology and then moving into the practical applications of these new skills in the Design Profit® software. Students will be able to immediately apply the knowledge obtained in the course to their current work projects for an immediate return on investment. Students will also benefit from being able to consult with our trainers on specific examples to further broaden their understanding of the real world application of the

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For a description of the courses that are currently available, please view our Course Outline page for a deeper description of what the Lean Design® Certification courses can provide to you or your team. And when you’re ready, register here:

Munro Offers World’s First Official Lean Design® Certification Course

Are you ready to start your lean journey?

Munro & Associates is proud to offer the world’s first Lean Design Certification course, developed to teach the basics of the Lean Design® methodology, illustrate its value in the product design process and instill the student with an understanding of how to implement and execute the concepts through the Design Profit® software.

Lean Design® Certification Level One –  the first course of a five step training program to become Design Profit® certified –  demonstrates how the combined use of these tools and methodologies have the ability to influence and impact design cost, quality, weight, producibility and other important factors that affect the overall profit of a company.

Those interested in learning more about the only official Lean Design® Certification course, can find more information here:

Lean Design Book Available Now

Looking for a holiday gift for your favorite engineer?

Munro & Associates has an idea for you: the “Lean Design®: Value Quality Profit” book by Sandy Munro.

This book was created as a handbook to assist engineers in creating innovative, cost effective and high-quality products. Sandy and his editors have complied an easy-to-read, 160-page manual based on proven methods employed by Munro & Associates over the past 26 years across all industries.

Learn about critical lean design concepts, such as:

  • Munro’s Cornucopia of Profit;
  • The Munro Product Cycle;
  • Sandy’s philosophy on how and why companies need to change the rules to increase value, profit and quality;
  • The Ugly Baby Syndrome; and
  • Munro’s famous “Who Casts the Biggest Shadow” chart.

For more details or to purchase your copy, visit:

Munro & Associates’ World Class Lean Design® Certification is Changing the Industry!

Munro & Associates has long been a provider of training in various Lean methodologies, but now Munro combines its Lean Design® Methodology instruction with its Design Profit® software training into one comprehensive course.

Students will undergo training with Munro’s instructors providing them with the core basics of the Lean Design® Methodology and then proceeding into the practical applications of these new skills in the Design Profit® software. More importantly, the skills and techniques that students learn in this course can be immediately applied in their current projects at work for an immediate return on investment.

Students will learn how implementing Good Design Principals along with other Lean Design® fundamentals becomes the ultimate influencer of profitability and quality in a products life span and that neglecting these principals can result in a design that is bloated, over cost, over weight, and of poor quality. Students will learn how the different Lean Design® techniques are used to consistently remove waste from the product design itself that ultimately results in a more elegant and higher quality product. “You can never have Lean Manufacturing without Lean Design®” will become a mantra and paradigm shift for students as they explore the practical workings of this methodology which has saved companies around the globe Billions of dollars throughout the last 30+ years.

Once the methodology has been imbued in the students, the trainers move on to how to use the Design Profit® software to compile, sort, and analyze data in a visual mapping context which also helps to expedite the product design process which forces a Lean Design® to be procured, avoiding the pitfalls of poor quality drivers BEFORE they are experienced on the manufacturing floor. Students will learn the importance of creating a costed business case for all design decisions which will illuminate both student and executive as to what the best design choices should consist of.

The course ends in an exam which, upon successful completion, results in the student receiving a unique certification number. This certificate number can then be used throughout the rest of their career to prove they have been successfully trained by Munro in their industry changing techniques, garnering them professional clout that can be carried from job to job throughout anywhere in the world.

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