Cybertruck E4 – Interior

Cybertruck E4 - Interior

Cybertruck E4 – Interior

Welcome back to episode 4 on the Cybertruck vs. conventional trucks series.  In todays episode, Sandy compares the interiors of the Cybertruck to what truck owners currently experience or expect on truck that are in the market currently.

Sandy points out that there are pluses and minuses with the Cybertruck’s proposed interiors.  He discusses the minimalist design, which an old time trucker, would be used to (truck in the old days had few interior features), but is nothing like the design an old-timer would expect or be used to.  He points out changes that have occurred in the expectation of truckers and how that might affect Tesla.

One interesting point that Sandy is not a fan of is the proposed steering wheel, which would terrible for off-roading and, based on the pictures provided, not street legal.

There is in depth discussion of the Instrument Panel including infotainment system and assumptions made from tearing down the model Y.  Sandy goes on to talk about door panels, seats, center consoles, HVAC, safety/restraints, and electronics.

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