Lean & Operations

Munro & Associates has a long pedigree in the application of Lean Manufacturing and productivity optimization to a variety of industries spanning not just manufacturing sectors, but also agriculture and service sectors such as hospitals and banking. Clients benefit from a highly seasoned staff with hundreds of years of combined experience on many pivotal industry projects. From assessments, staff training boot camps, to full plant layouts and consolidations, we provide our customers with tailor made, multi-dimensional solutions and objective insights into how to get the highest quality and profit from their unique process and facility.

Lean Assessments and Industry Benchmarking

Companies can always benefit from an outside source objectively evaluating their current state and processes. Our consultants will efficiently and thoroughly evaluate your facilities from many different angles including but not limited to workflow systems, machinery, equipment, inventory, capacity, quality, warning systems, and supply chain. With hundreds of previous assessments carried out, we can offer our clients detailed accurate benchmarks against local and global industries best practices and provide instructions for improvements to be made.


Our consultants will train your team in the latest lean production techniques and concepts while simultaneously analyzing your current facilities. This isn’t just a seminar; it is a practical boot camp. Your staff will be able to walk away with not only the most current industry training and tools, but also a custom map to follow to immediately improve your current state.

Operational Improvements

We will work with your staff to deep dive into the root causes of operational impairments and quickly and efficiently remove roadblocks and poor cost drivers while working with your team to create a realistic optimized system that accounts for the whole of production and not just individual stations. Our staff is very good at changing paradigms and improving culture which is essential to team buy in and continued improvements. Our holistic method addresses optimizing capacity, throughput, ergonomics and quality while reducing build hours.

Optimizing Plant Layout

This typically begins with an initial facilities assessment taking into account your organizations specific needs and goals. From this point our combined teams work together to create a new optimized layout that will quickly realize cost savings and reduce production time. Munro has taken several hundred companies from good to great becoming market leaders in their industries.

Consolidations and Workouts

Downsizing is never easy, but our team conscientiously and discreetly works with the executive staff or trustees as well as the manufacturing staff to find immediate cost savings and practical, proven solutions that address every level of the business from supply chain through to the customer. Our strategists understand industry from both a technical and practical perspective which helps expedite the process to bring your company back into the black. Having a long history of success in this area gives our customers a unique advantage in the industry.

Plant Moves

We have helped companies quickly and painlessly relocate several types of facilities both onshore and off including difficult and time sensitive moves such as automotive paint shops in record time.

New Plant Builds

The decision to expand whether domestically or in a new market takes a tremendous amount of planning and forethought. We help our customers focus and expedite the process by providing them with market insights, comprehensive assessments, an array of options and associated risks, and then tailored plans to achieve their market goals.

Lean Hospitals, Banking and Other Applications

From Agricultural and food processing companies to banking and financial institutions, we have brought productivity improvement, increased throughput, and cost savings to a numerous non-manufacturing facilities. The spirit of Lean Manufacturing principals is a universal language of efficiency and waste reductions. Our seasoned team has seen diverse companies achieve new and unexpected heights of efficiency and cost reduction using our proprietary tools and methods.

“The culture which Munro had planted in our facility has spread though out our division; our entire Depot department has been indoctrinated into the lean environment. This change in Depot has allowed us to take our average customer repair time from 5 days to under 2 days. The culture has also expanded to the engineering department, where they are leaning out their design process.

Thanks to Munro and Associates, BBH Scanners has improved our overall customer satisfaction, our production quality and output, and our corporate culture.”Phill Miller, Manufacturing Operations Manager, Böwe Bell & Howell