Lean Design Book Available Now

Looking for a holiday gift for your favorite engineer?

Munro & Associates has an idea for you: the “Lean Design®: Value Quality Profit” book by Sandy Munro.

This book was created as a handbook to assist engineers in creating innovative, cost effective and high-quality products. Sandy and his editors have complied an easy-to-read, 160-page manual based on proven methods employed by Munro & Associates over the past 26 years across all industries.

Learn about critical lean design concepts, such as:

  • Munro’s Cornucopia of Profit;
  • The Munro Product Cycle;
  • Sandy’s philosophy on how and why companies need to change the rules to increase value, profit and quality;
  • The Ugly Baby Syndrome; and
  • Munro’s famous “Who Casts the Biggest Shadow” chart.

For more details or to purchase your copy, visit: https://amzn.to/2CSVSvx.