“Maximum Bob” Lutz or @realBobLutz tweets he agrees with Munro… but is it really Bob Lutz?

On February 4th, the account “Maximum Bob” Lutz or @realBobLutz Tweeted that “he” enjoyed watching Sandy on Autoline with John McElroy but more specifically he also agrees with the statements Sandy made regarding the Tesla Cybertruck. Click here to see @realBobLutz Tweet: http://bit.ly/39hbM19

Bob Lutz and Sandy have known each other for quite some time in the auto industry and have had several encounters.  Bob Lutz is, of course, known as an automotive industry leader serving at GM, Ford, BMW and Chrysler.  Most notably though, during his tenure at GM he was one of the dissenters of the failed EV1, and it was under his watch that the car was “recalled/rounded up” and destroyed.  Interestingly, Munro did work on GM’s original Electric Vehicle – the EV 1, wistfully featured in the documentary movie “Who Killed The Electric Car?”

It wasn’t until later that Lutz changed his mind about the future of the electric vehicle industry, then supporting the creation and production of the Chevy Volt and only recently becoming a converted and vocal proponent of the EV movement.

The Twitter account @realBobLutz or styled as “Maximum Bob” could, sort of, come across as genuine except for the fact that at the end of the page description, there is written possibly the disclaimer: “*Not your typical parody”.  There is, however, quite a bit of accurate article posts on this Twitter feed and a fair amount of photo and video media.  If nothing else, the owner of this page is quite a follower or fan of the “Real” Bob Lutz and has devoted quite a bit of time building and tending to this Twitter account.

So, the question remains… Is this Bob Lutz or not?  Is it just a well-maintained fan/parody page or has Bob gone super ‘meta’ and he is “The dude, playing the dude, disguised as another dude”?

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