Model Y Series: Episode 14: Rear Mega Castings and Structure, Trunk Tub, Potential Tow Location

Episode 14: Rear Mega Castings and Structure, Trunk Tub, Potential Tow Location

Hello again. This is episode 14 of Munro’s Tesla Model Y Performance teardown, where Sandy addresses viewer feedback and questions, a phone from call from Tesla, a review of the rear mega castings and structure, a comparison of the Model 3 and Model Y trunk tubs, and a potential strategy for the addition of a hitch. Let’s dive in!

The segment begins with Sandy addressing four viewer comments:

  1. One new Model Y owner commented that he didn’t like the noise coming from the heat pump. Sandy agreed and noted that the Model 3 had a compressed pump case to help with the noise. He also shared he got a phone call from Tesla informing him of a running change to add this case back in.
  2. Another viewer noted a problem with un-syncing the climate control for each side. Sandy offered a workaround: using the voice control to “un-sync climate control.”
  3. One viewer commented that there’s a heater in the front bumper for the radar, which Sandy confirmed.
  4. One viewer noted that Tesla dropped the auto-dim for the wing mirrors and that people want that back.

Sandy then moved on to highlight some elements that made him happy, including the casting. He points out key features, as well as a brief comparison with the Model 3. Moving on, he discusses one of his “favorite redesigns,” which is the trunk tub. During his analysis, he offers some design improvement suggestions, as well as a comparison to the Model 3 truck tub. He closes out this segment with a look at a close out that exposes part of the bumper beam to enable a hitch.

You can see the full details of Sandy’s comment here.

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