Model Y Teardown: Initial Observations: Regen Braking

It’s arrived! As many of you know, Munro & Associates received its Tesla Model Y Performance earlier this week. CEO Sandy Munro is currently at the Munro North American headquarters ready to dive-into the vehicle teardown. He’s already offered his first take on the vehicle, which you can find here:

Sandy has now moved onto a couple of functional/performance tests. It was observed during ride-and-drives that the vehicle demonstrates an aggressive amount of regenerative braking. Sandy wanted to get an idea of how much, so he put some numbers together.

Sandy accelerated to 32mph for approximately 101 feet, then let off the throttle (no brakes applied, coasted to a stop utilizing regen mode only). The stopping distance was measured at approximately 173.5 feet from the point the accelerator was released. (Interesting note: at the 101-foot mark, the car did briefly continue accelerating to 33mph.) In addition to the stopping distance, it was also observed that the brake light comes on during regen braking mode.

According to Sandy, “this is a nice safety feature that was not implemented on the Chevy Bolt. It should be noted that the Chevy Bolt had two modes of regen braking: the first being simply taking your foot off the throttle pedal, and the second when you take your foot off the throttle and depress a paddle switch on the steering wheel to put the vehicle in a more aggressive regen mode. The brake lights never came on in the Bolt regardless of which regen mode the vehicle was in.”

Be sure to check back to witness the Tesla Model Y discovery process at This site will offer regular insight from Sandy, interactive data and reports, and livestream from Munro’s headquarters.