Munros’ Official Lean Design® Certification Course

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Munro and Associates, Inc. has a long history of providing excellent training in both the Official Lean Design® Certification (reducing weight, cost, and complexity) as well as in its proprietary software, Design Profit®, for engineers and manufacturers to create designs that are of the highest quality and innovation in the industry.

Munro is proud to offer to the world the first official Lean Design® Certification course where students receive comprehensive training in both the Lean Design® Methodology, as well as the industry leading Design Profit® software.

Students will receive intimate training with our instructors providing them with the fundamentals of the Lean Design® Methodology and then moving into the practical applications of these new skills in the Design Profit® software. Students will be able to immediately apply the knowledge obtained in the course to their current work projects for an immediate return on investment. Students will also benefit from being able to consult with our trainers on specific examples to further broaden their understanding of the real world application of the

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For a description of the courses that are currently available, please view our Course Outline page for a deeper description of what the Lean Design® Certification courses can provide to you or your team. And when you’re ready, register here: