Munro on Tesla’s Motors: “They’ve Got Magic!”

After watching numerous interviews of Munro, it is apparent that it takes a lot to impress him, and Tesla does exactly that. When talking about Tesla’s innovation, he is as happy as a kid in a candy store. Like anyone, Munro wants to make money, but like many engineers, he is intrinsically obsessed with his work and you can tell he really loves this technology.”Kurt Lowder, CleanTechnica

Does anyone else remember when Sandy Munro said that Tesla’s motors have magic? If you missed it, this CleanTechnica article offers a nice recap of how Sandy explains Tesla’s motor magic.

According to the article, Tesla’s newer permanent magnet motors are superior to the competition for a number of reasons. This article focused on one of those reasons: magnets. Per the article:

“Tesla was able to take advantage of what is referred to as the Halbach array. Tesla’s new permanent magnet motors are an improved design that first appeared in the Model 3. Only recently have the Model S and Model X been upgraded to this new technology.

Magnets within these motors are engineered to create a more optimal magnetic field. Four carefully designed, small magnets that oppose each other are actually glued together to create a stronger — or rather, a more optimized — magnetic field that makes the permanent magnet motor more powerful and more efficient. There are several of these magnets within the motor.

This crucial aspect of the motor is one of the main reasons why Tesla vehicles get more range than competing vehicles that have the same size battery packs.”

Interested in learning more? Then head over to the full article with more details: