Munro Talks Tesla Cybertruck, SpaceX Tech, Bulletproof Windows, Crash Safety and Battery Magic with All Things EV

All Things EV’s Sean Mitchell was back at Munro & Associates for a great discussion with CEO Sandy Munro. Check out the in-depth discussion that covers a variety of topics, including:

  • What do you think about the Cybertruck and did you order one? 00:30
  • Does the Cybertruck have stealth properties? 03:01
  • Is there a difference between a uni-body and exoskeleton? 04:07
  • Why is body-on-frame such a popular way to build trucks? 06:56
  • What type of chassis did the DeLorean have? 09:15
  • How can Tesla pull from SpaceX technology? 10:12
  • Will the Cybertruck be more cost effective to produce than their other vehicles? 19:43
  • How will the Cybertruck do in a crash? 22:05
  • Does this new manufacturing approach address some of your Tesla build quality concerns? 24:12
  • Is there some magic behind a $40,000 Cybertruck? 27:26
  • What are some things that appeal to you about the off-road capabilities? 34:21
  • What are Ford, GM, and Chrysler saying about the Cybertruck in their boardrooms? 37:03

Sandy brings a lot to the discussion – including bullets! – when discussing the skin of the Cybertruck. Here’s a link to the full video: