Paradigm™ – Regeneration of Transportation

Munro & Associates, Inc. (Troy, MI) has announced the completion of the powertrain demonstrator for their Paradigm™ aircraft. With overwhelming positive response at this year’s AirVenture air show in Oshkosh, WI, the demonstrator clearly shows one solution to today’s bankrupt transportation systems. It has the potential to change the way most Americans travel. Munro has been in the business of Innovation since 1988, and for the last 5 years has had its eyes on a transportation system utilizing small but practical aircraft that operate point-to-point from small local airports. The trick is bringing reliability and low cost to an industry that is short in both. To change this paradigm, Munro transfers technology from the automotive industry to deliver the same usefulness, reliability, quiet and comfort, safety, quality, cost and functionality that we have come to expect from our automobiles. Based on NASA’s Personal Air Vehicle concept, the Paradigm™ will come complete with pilot automation that provides quantum leaps in aircraft operations, training, certification and air safety. This full scale technical demonstrator of the V8-powered ducted fan propulsion system is the final of several previously completed demonstrators for other elements of the airplane.

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Enabling the Birth of a New Transportation System and a Desperately Needed New Economic Boom to the American Way of Life

Munro is ready to build flying prototypes and is currently looking for funding. For more information please contact us.