Part 2 Now You Know – Sandy Munro can make the Cybertruck Float?

Sandy Munro Can Make the Cybertruck Float Part 2

Part 2 Now You Know – Sandy Munro can make the Cybertruck Float?

In the second installment of the “In Depth” episode of the YouTube Channel “Now You Know”, Zac and Jesse ask Sandy Munro all sort of questions probing into the even incredulous, such as, “Can the Cyber Truck be made aquatic?”  Want to know Sandy’s answers? Well you will have to watch that show.  Click here now to watch:

Sandy also talks about what makes people who will buy a Cybertruck over a conventional truck different and the specific features that make it more appealing to different people’s needs.  There is also talk about Arcimoto and other Munro projects that are going on right now.  Plus… a flying car? What?

Also, just to throw it out there, our Model Y report which showcases all the leading EV technology and those suggestions Munro gave to Tesla can now be purchased. No other car we have analyzed has this many technology leaps.  One of those leaps is the Octovalve and Thermal System which is such a unique technology that we created a separate report just on it.  Also, Munro has reports on 3 EV Inverters and a comparison of 10 of the leading EV motors and the Model 3.

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