Al Steier

Director, Benchmarking Innovation Center

albert-steier-bioAl Steier is the Director of the Benchmarking Innovation Center at Munro & Associates managing and overseeing all associated activities including benchmarking, reverse engineering, cost assessments and cost model development. With more than 35 years’ experience in product service, manufacturing and engineering Al brings a diverse set of skills from various industries from hearing aids to fighter jets to Munro & Associates’ clients.

Al consistently provides manufactures the means of reducing costs, weight and investment with a vast knowledge of vehicle systems and integration. For his clients, Al achieves and sustains long-term success while enhancing quality, introducing new materials and processes and cutting lead time through the strategic adoption and implementation of concurrent engineering practices. Al has worked with OEM and supplier clients such as Ingersall-Rand, DaimlerChrysler, Bentley, Magna, Cummins, TACOM, TRW, Bosch, BorgWarner, Blue Bird Corporation, Laird, L3, Lockheed Martin, American Axle, Akebono, FEV, Ricardo, Allied Motion, Duke, Coca-Cola, Starkey, EPA, CARB, NHSTA, Tata, Harley Davidson, PACCAR, United Bank of Switzerland (UBS) and FCA.

While at Munro Al was involved in an assessment of technologies for improving light-duty vehicle fuel economy for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Al presented an overview of the program methodologies to the National Academy of Sciences in Washington DC and even co-Authored an SAE paper ‘Teardown-Based Cost Assessment for Use in Setting Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards’ on ‘bottoms up costing’ techniques that supported the EPA analyses.

Al also conducted a teardown of the Toyota Prius and Chevy Volt for ‘EE Times’, an online electronics industry magazine publication. The outcome resulted in a cover story for a new publication titled ‘Under the Hood’ which he coauthored. He also made numerous presentations on the different electronic systems live, on-stage at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose and San Francisco, California. An outspoken automotive advocate, Al and the Benchmarking Innovation Center team were also covered in a TV series called ‘Cars vs America’ on Fusion TV produced by Jalopnik, an enthusiastic online automotive media company and blog network.

Al was also involved in the teardown of Chevy Bolt, for UBS, a Swiss global financial services company. In this capacity Al helped in the identification and costing of electrical and electronic components in the powertrain system and battery management module. These estimates were included in the publication “UBS Evidence Lab Electric Car Teardown – Disruption Ahead?” The report was an instant success and gained media attention throughout North America and Europe. Consequently, Al was invited to assist UBS present report cost details to audiences in both New York and London, England.

Prior to joining Munro & Associates, Inc., Al was an Associate at RWD Technologies, assigned to DaimlerChrysler Manufacturing Technical Training Department developing to deliver courseware training on new products for plant engineering and manufacturing personnel. He was also the project leader for the vehicle systems specialist team supporting three manufacturing plants.

Prior to this, Al worked for Central Texas College as an Automotive Instructor for basic electrical and advance engine service courses. He was responsible for developing all labs, assignments, tests and grading systems along with all associated administrative responsibilities.

Al also served in the US Army Ordinance (Automotive) Branch for 12 years, eight of which were in Germany. His responsibilities included supervising up to 30 personnel and managing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of over 100 pieces of equipment including track and wheeled vehicles. His primary job description was Bradley Fighting Vehicle Mechanic.

A graduate of Central Texas College (European Branch). Al has received extensive professional training, receiving certificates for the following: US Army Training – Advance Individual Training Course (6 weeks), Primary Leadership Development Course (1 month), Basic Noncommissioned Officers Course (5 months, honor graduate), Advanced Noncommissioned Officers Course (3 months), M1 Tank Course (3 weeks), RWD Training – Team Leader Course, Info Vision Course, Procedure Writing Course, Performance Vision Course, and DaimlerChrysler Training – Root Cause Analysis. Other certifications include: automotive service excellence master technician, underbody specialist and advance engine service specialist.

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