Cory Steuben


Cory Steuben joined Munro & Associates in September of 2005, shortly after starting his education at Kettering University in Flint, Michigan. Kettering’s Mechanical Engineering program is consistently rated as one of the top programs in the United States.

Cory Steuben’s career has blossomed through positive results with several Tier 1 and OEM automotive companies. He has a proven track record conducting internal Product and Process Integration (PPIW) reviews, Digital Scroll Builds (DSB), Weight Benchmarking (WB), and Competitive Vehicle Analysis Reports (CVA). During the PPIW and DSB activities, Cory engages a multi-disciplined array of stakeholders throughout his clients’ organization. He builds trust amongst the product and process teams and delivers results by optimizing the design with diverse input from the stakeholder team. WB and CVA activities delve into the core metrics related to vehicle development.

Cory has shown a keen ability to process critical data into clean, concise, and powerful information. That information is presented in a way that allows the client to make decisions with confidence. Cory has conducted several high-profile technological investigations for OEM’s. These investigations include; high voltage electronics, vehicle architecture, powertrain integration, aerospace manufacturing, hybrid technologies, seat systems, electronic park brake systems, and many more.

Cory has accumulated a broad knowledge base in several manufacturing disciplines including, but not limited to: injection molding, sand casting, stamping, forging, CNC machining, powdered metal, and die casting. Cory has also been exposed to a vast array of assembly processes, designs, and strategies in the automotive, aerospace, industrial, medical, and defense industries. The confidence in the results produced by Cory Steuben and his teams have allowed Munro to stabilize and grow. Stewardship of the client-customer relationship is a top priority for Cory.

Projects led by Cory have consistently resulted in satisfied customers with a clear return on their investment. Since 2005 Mr. Steuben has quickly progressed through Munro & Associates. In August of 2011 he became the youngest commissioned Design Prophet in Munro’s 29 year history. In October of 2017 Cory was promoted to Account Director for Munro’s largest client, FiatChrysler Automobile and in January of 2020 he was promoted to President of Munro & Associates.

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