Sandy Has A Sit-Down Talk with Jagdeep Singh

Sandy Munro has an indepth talk with Jagdeep Singh from Quantum Scape

Sandy Has A Sit-Down Talk with Jagdeep Singh

In this long format podcast style video, Sandy Munro gets a chance to have a an in-depth talk about not only Quantum Scape’s battery technology but also Jagdeep’s past.

This is a fascinating interview with a dense amount of information – especially if you are a battery enthusiast and is interested in the Quantum Scape battery and its ability to prevent dendrites.

Here is the breakdown with timestamps of the conversation:

0:00 – Intros and Jagdeep’s Background

1:56 – Solid-State Battery

3:58 – Solid-State Separator

9:22 – Separator Material

12:48 – Jagdeep’s Response to Criticisms of QuantumScape

17:35 – OEM involvement

26:26 – QuantumScape’s Status as a Company

35:35 – Partnership with VW

41:27 – QuantumScape’s Competitors and Challenges

59:40 – Wrap Up and Final Thoughts

Watch below for a riveting interview: