Sandy Munro and the Tesla Cybertruck

According to AutoBeat journalist Gary Vasilash, Elon Musk is a clever man.

In a recent article, based on a recent Autoline After Hours interview, Vasilash writes, “although according to the portion of the Tesla website where you can place an order for the Tesla Cybertruck (all you need is a $100 refundable deposit) indicates that ‘production nears in late 2021,’ the amount of speculation regarding the vehicle since unveiled at the Tesla Design Studio in LA on November 21, 2019, has been so great that it would take multiple years for any other pickup truck to accumulate that degree of interest.”

Clever, according to Vasilash.

The Cybertruck certainly got Munro & Associates CEO Sandy Munro’s interest. He says when it saw it, “it was love at first sight.” He loved it even more when he ran the numbers.

According to Sandy, the CAPEX to product 50,000 units per year would be $30 million … a “mere fraction of the cost that is required by any other truck on the market.”

Clever, according to Vasilash.

Further, according to Sandy, the Cybertruck uses a remarkable engineering approach: “rather than a body-on-frame (typical of pickups) or a unibody construction (most cars and crossovers), the Cybertruck construction is an exoskeleton. With the exception of closure panels, which are added on, the rest of the vehicle—as in the front and rear fenders—is structural.”

For more on Musk’s clever engineering – and Sandy’s thoughtful analysis – you can click here: