Sandy Munro Talks Cybertruck

Sandy Munro Talks Cyber Truck Inside EVs

Sandy Munro Talks Cybertruck

Sandy Munro goes on the YouTube channel E For Electric to discuss his final thoughts relating to the comparison of the cyber truck to the conventional trucks found in the market currently.

If you missed it, Sandy Munro did a five-part series comparing the RAM, Silverado, and F150 trucks to the information that we have on the Cybertruck.  Topics covered are Body Structure, Suspension, Ride & Handling, Driveline & Off-Roading, Interiors, and Ride and Drive characteristics and performance.  You can watch the series playlist by clicking on this link:

The interview on E For Electric with Alex Guberman however, covers topics that Sandy didn’t cover in the series such as projected serviceability issues and market outlook.  For both video interview (embedded) and the Inside EV article, click here:

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