Sandy’s First Look at the Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Truck!

F150 Lightning a first look

Welcome back to Munro Live’s newest installment covering the F-150 Lightning! In this long form podcast style interview, Sandy and Cory give their first impressions on Ford’s new electric truck in the F150 line.

Several topics are covered, including: On board power outlets for contractors, hobbyists, or do-it-yourselfers alike, a massive 400lbs payload frunk, interior cabin feel including infotainment, what it is like at the Ford campus and going around the Ford Test Track, an amazing multi-adjustable trailer tow with a computer validation feature, checking out the underbody of the truck, and more.

This is the first installment of a longer series, so stay tuned to catch all of Munro’s analysis of this vehcile. But first check out this weeks episode by clicking below: