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The Legacy Of The EV1 – From Creation To Destruction

Automotive News GM EV1 Sandy Munro

The Legacy Of The EV1 – From Creation To Destruction

Automotive News recently released a great article and reflection video testament to the now extinct EV1 by GM.  In this video and article, Automotive News covers its advocates and detractors, its innovations for the time, and hints to its demise.  This comes on the heels of the 25th anniversary of the car’s creation.

For those of you that are unaware, Sandy Munro had a hand in the EV1’s creation, working with GM on the project.  Sandy laments, “That was a pivotal point that GM could have basically dominated this market completely… no one else was thinking about this… there never would have been a Tesla.”

“I think that the EV1 was the best project I ever worked on,” says Sandy, which is a big statement coming from a man that has worked on some of the most profitable and innovative automotive platforms that have existed.

To watch the video and to read the whole article, click on the link below:

Packed with pioneering technologies, the head-turning General Motors EV1 revealed the benefits and shortcomings of the modern electric vehicle 25 years ago. (autonews.com)

Automotive News – How Will Tesla Rivals Top This?

How Will Tesla Rivals Top This

Automotive News – How Will Tesla Rivals Top This?

In this edition of Automotive News, Sandy Munro is heavily featured as the author Michael Martinez dives deep into Munro’s teardown of the Tesla Model Y and how it showcases how far EV’s have come in respect of technology and builds.

“They’ve got a depth I just don’t see anywhere else,” says Munro of Tesla’s newest Model Y, especially when it comes to the battery, motor, and the now famous “Octovalve.”  This article pours over several of the cars key engineering wonders and body zones to give the reader a full look of the vehicle from a technological viewpoint.

Sandy Munro says, “I thought the Model 3 was 10 years ahead of the competition, now seeing the Model Y, I think this is another 4 years beyond that!”

To read the whole article, click here!

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Automotive News – COVID Heros features Sandy Munro

Automotive News Covid heroes

Automotive News – COVID Heros features Sandy Munro

Recently, Automotive News put out it’s latest feature of COVID 19 heroes where they focus on acts of giving throughout the industry within the community regarding acts of kindness or service to the community to help those that are struggling amid the pandemic or small businesses and more.

Sandy Munro was sent several boxes of masks from one of our viewers, Jason Wang of Cypress River Advisors, who sympathized with Munro’s message of tipping the local cashiers in thanks for risking their health during this pandemic and serving the community.  He then provided Munro & Associates with a few thousand masks shipped over from Taiwan so that Sandy could hand them out to the front line cashiers at local grocery stores so that their employees could be protected without having to pay for masks.  Cypress River Advisors has been instrumental in distributing face masks for free to hospitals, nursing homes and communities in need across America, Japan and Taiwan recently and is still collecting donations to do so. (Click here to donate).

Here is the link to the PDF of the story: (Click here)



F150 is Learning From RAM

F150 is Learning From Dodge Ram

F150 is Learning From RAM

Both the Financial Post and Automotive News picked up on Munro and Associates series comparing the Cybertruck with conventional trucks in the market specifically honing in on changes being made to the F150 borrowing from interior upgrades initiated in the RAM series.

Quoting Sandy from the series, “If they add the same stuff as what RAM did and if they can add more stuff like Tesla’s doing, there’ll be a gigantic gap between Ford, and RAM and Chevy.”

As Rhett Ricart, owner of Ricart Ford in Columbus, Ohio puts it, “RAM taught everybody a little bit of a lesson,” referring to the interior upgrades including the lay-flat passenger seats, the screen size increase of your navigation radio controls, as well as connectivity enhancements.

To read the full articles, click below:

Financial Post Article

Automotive New Article

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