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Munro Does a Tesla 4680 Battery Pack Mockup

Munro Does a Mockup of the Tesla 4680 Battery Pack

Munro Does a Tesla 4680 Battery Pack Mockup

In today’s Thanksgiving episode of Munro Live, Sandy and the team have put together a life-size mockup of the newly announced 4680 Tesla Battery pack.

Sandy starts off explaining some battery basics and then dives into why we think the battery system is laid out the way that it is.  No spoilers here, you have to watch the video.  Click below to watch:

Sandy’s Tesla Battery Day Follow-up Part 2

Sandy’s Tesla Battery Day Follow-up

Sandy’s Tesla Battery Day Follow-up Part 2

In the second installment of Sandy’s analysis of Tesla’s battery day discoveries, Sandy starts off by answering certain comments and questions from viewers and then goes into more detail about why he thinks the batteries will be a superior solution.  Sandy also reveals where the large casting came from in our last video – Invocast!

From there Sandy Goes back into history and starts talking about other projects that Munro has worked on where we have turned a corner in technology and improved a product or vehicle to the point where we changed the critic’s minds about what could be possible.

Sandy then moves into Munro’s future, working with several new electric vehicles in order to bring low cost and fun transportation solutions to the market, in the form of Arcimoto’s FUV, Aptera, and the Nobe Car.  We address issues like safety, but also cost, delivering to niche markets, and innovation in a burgeoning area of EVs.  Sandy also let’s his audience know that he is open to investors who want to be a part of the future of these vehicles, specifically the Nobe.

But perhaps most interesting of all… there is a surprise box at the end… what will it be???

Watch the full episode here:  https://youtu.be/FQQPyE8bePs

Don’t Miss the Battery Day Expert Panel Featuring Sandy Munro On Autoline

Autoline Battery Day Expert Panel Sandy Munro John McElroy Bob Galyen

Battery Day Expert Panel Featuring Sandy Munro On Autoline

What did you think about Tesla’s Battery Day announcements?  Wonder what the experts think? Watch here as Autoline’s expert panel, featuring our own Sandy Munro, talk about all of the dramatic statements that Tesla made at their Battery Day reveal following their 2020 Annual Shareholders meeting.

Tesla released a plan that will be a multipronged attack at cost savings which they feel will result in a 57% reduction for Telsa.  But is that accurate?  Can Tesla really achieve this?

Find out by watching here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKrFAcNgG40&ab_channel=AutolineNetwork