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Sub-Zero vs Frigidaire – Drawers and COLD TEST!

Munro Consumer Series Frigidaire vs Sub-Zero Cold Test

In this second episode of Munro’s consumer series Sub-Zero vs Frigidaire, Cory and Adam revisit the problems discovered in the first episode where they found damage to both of the refrigerators (a dent on the Frigidaire and a some bent sheet metal at the top of the Sub-Zero unit. The team also weighed the packaging for the two units, with the Sub-Zero coming in at a hefty 26.03 Kg vs the Frigidaire at 5.246 Kg.

The team moves forward looking at the drawers and other internal features of the two units.

Most importantly the team gives the two units the cold test, including how fast the cooldown and how they leak energy.

To watch the full episode, click on the link below:

Munro Associates compare the Frigidaire and the Sub-Zero in the cold test.