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Sandy’s First Look at the Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Truck!

F150 Lightning a first look

Welcome back to Munro Live’s newest installment covering the F-150 Lightning! In this long form podcast style interview, Sandy and Cory give their first impressions on Ford’s new electric truck in the F150 line.

Several topics are covered, including: On board power outlets for contractors, hobbyists, or do-it-yourselfers alike, a massive 400lbs payload frunk, interior cabin feel including infotainment, what it is like at the Ford campus and going around the Ford Test Track, an amazing multi-adjustable trailer tow with a computer validation feature, checking out the underbody of the truck, and more.

This is the first installment of a longer series, so stay tuned to catch all of Munro’s analysis of this vehcile. But first check out this weeks episode by clicking below:

Mach-E Suspension & High Voltage Wiring Compared to Tesla Model Y

Cory Steuben Gives Thumbs Up on Ford Mach-E Suspension

In this episode of Munro Live, Sandy and Munro’s president Cory Steuben go through the suspension and high voltage wiring of the Ford Mach-E.

Cory, who is an expert in suspensions at Munro, gives us a walkthrough of all of his findings on this Vehicles suspension, giving the rear link suspension an A, but not and A+ for a cost and performance perspective, only for the fact that one of the links is not straight, which means you can’t choose the most efficient cost manufacturing method due to the fact that the bend in the one link requires the operator to have to weld the piece again in order to maintain structural integrity to compensate for the extra loads being exerted on that piece.

From rear to front suspension and the HV wiring surounding it, this is quite an information packed video. So if you are an engineering student looking to get a great insight into how suspension “should” be made as well as some deep insight into the HV wiring and design choices that Ford made on this vehicle, you NEED to watch this whole episode through.

Click on the link below:

Design News Covers Munro’s Upcoming Presentation at The Battery Show

Design News Octovalve Battery Show

Design News Covers Munro’s Upcoming Presentation at The Battery Show

Design News recently interviewed Munro’s own Cory Steuben on his upcoming presentation at the Battery Show and EV Tech Expo Digital Days virtual conference on the infamous Octovalve.

Cory will dive into one of Tesla’s new secret weapon – the Octovalve which Cory describes as, “The world’s best EV thermal management system.”  Cory’s presentation will be Thursday, Nov. 12 at 11:15 am. Follow the link above to sign up for the Battery Show and EV Tech virtual conference and read the full article by Design News here:  https://www.designnews.com/automotive-engineering/secrets-tesla-model-y-octovalve