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Cybertruck E5 – Ride & Drive, Series Wrap-Up

Cybertruck E5 - Ride & Drive, Series Wrap-Up

Cybertruck E5 – Ride & Drive, Series Wrap-Up

“Hey, boys and girls we’re back again!”  In this week’s installment of the Cybertruck vs conventional truck series, we examine the ride and drive aspects of these vehicles. Sandy takes for a spin, in alphabetical order, Chevy, F150, and Ram.

Sandy talks about some interesting drive characteristics that only a truck enthusiast who is driven the different competitor trucks would have experienced in the past.

He then moves on to breaking down the price per vehicle versus horsepower and range.  Spoiler alert! The Ford F150 wins for most torque, however, when compared with what is being proposed as the specs for the Cybertruck, nothing would come close to the proposed 800 HP and 1000 lbs of torque that the Tri-motor AWD would deliver.

But there are a few more twists and if you want to know them, you have to watch the video here!

This brings us to the conclusion of our videos comparing these vehicles. We hope you enjoyed the series and also if Tesla is watching, feel free to send us a Cybertruck if you want to here our unbiased opinions.

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Munro Series Compares Cybertruck to Leading Pickups

Cybertruck vs the F150 Dodge Ram and Silverado

Munro Series Compares Cybertruck to Leading Pickups

Starting tomorrow, Munro will begin releasing its new video series comparing the leading pickup trucks to the Tesla Cybertruck.  Specifically, Sandy will dive into the 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500, 2020 Ford F150, and the 2020 Dodge Ram 1500.  In the short promo video that Munro did on this series (which you can watch here) Sandy tells the audience that although the three trucks pictured are not going to be torn down, Sandy is going to use lots of data that Munro has found in recent teardowns of these vehicles in order to give the audience a reasonably accurate look at where the competition stands against the proposed specs of the Tesla Cybertruck.

“We are going to be looking at, what did they do, how did they do it, and why did they do it that way?”, says Sandy when talking about the series, “It’s important to know that the truck market is on a completely different playing field than the rest of the automotive industry,”  Because of this, Sandy expects that our viewers will be very interested in finding out, not only more about the truck industry in general, but how difficult it will be for Tesla to wrangle away the top seat with it’s edgy but polarizing new competitor.

Tune in tomorrow to watch the first episode in the series and dig into what makes these trucks tick.

Also, remember that we have several exciting reports that are for sale right now including the 10 EV Motor Analysis covering the 10 leading EV motors on the market, the Tesla Model 3, and the soon to be released Tesla Model Y Report.