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Sandy Munro goes deep into EVs on HyperChange

Sandy Munro does an in-depth interview with Galileo on HyperChange

Sandy does an in-depth interview with Galileo on HyperChange

Sandy Munro recently went on HyperChange to talk with Galileo about the Tesla Model Y teardown and his perspective on the direction of EVs in general.

In this almost 1 hour-long interview, Sandy goes deep into his findings on the recent teardown covering fan favorites like the Octovalve and deeper into quality issues and manufacturing.  Sandy also reveals for the first time, which EV he recommends people to buy.

More than this, Sandy discusses old war stories such as the Ford Vulcan engine design, the aircraft industry and how he got into business, before moving into a world EV discussion including some of the Chinese EVs and things he expects to find on the Tesla Truck.

For the full interview click here!

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Sandy Munro on All Things EV with Sean Mitchell

Sean Mitchell interviews Sandy Munro on his Tesla Model Y teardown show

Sandy Munro on All Things EV with Sean Mitchell

Munro & Associates CEO Sandy Munro recently joined Sean Mitchel of All Things EV to discuss Munro’s recent teardown of the Tesla Model Y Performance.

In the episode, Sean and Sandy cover a number of topics from Model Y paint issues and the Octovalve, to wiring and Model 3 and Model Y comparisons, and Sandy shares his thoughts on what he says is the best EV Tesla makes.

Answering Sean’s questions, Sandy walks viewers through some of the negatives and positives he discovered while tearing down the Model Y, but overall speaks very highly of the vehicle stating: “I never recommended the Model 3 to anybody, but I’ve already recommended the Model Y to a dozen people.” And later adds: “I haven’t recommended any electric car up until the Y.”

With this final question, Sean asks Sandy what the next EV will be that Munro will purchase and teardown, but Sandy wants to know what the viewers might like to see next and Munro will work to make something happen. Want to share your thoughts? Leave a comment on the video or you can contact Munro here.

To conclude, Sandy shares how viewers can purchase parts of the Model Y or Model 3 Munro has listed for sale on the Munro Live website.

You can view the whole video here.

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Model Y Series: Episode 37: Body Structure Internals Revealed

Episode 37: Body Structure Internals Revealed

Episode 37: Body Structure Internals Revealed

Welcome back to episode 37 of Munro’s Tesla Model Y Performance teardown, where Munro & Associates CEO Sandy Munro walks us through some noteworthy observations of the body side aperture.

During today’s episode, he discusses hot-formed steel, the internal structure, E-Coat, weld spacing, laser cutting and self-piercing-rivets.

You can enjoy Sandy’s insight, opinion, and conclusion on the Model Y BIW here.

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