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CORP! Magazine Recognizes Munro in COVID-19 Heroes

Corp Magazine Sandy Munro Mask Giving

CORP! Magazine Recognizes Munro in COVID-19 Heroes

In the most recent issue of “CORP! Magazine”, there is a featured section on Michigan companies that picked up the fight against COVID in their own way to help make better of a terrible situation through providing community solutions to the cause.

Sandy Munro started off early talking about the importance of paying it forward to the front line cashiers at local grocery stores in order to acknowledge their risk of catching the illness in the act of performing their jobs by tipping them with whatever change is leftover in a person’s grocery bill.  This topic was featured in Munro’s now highly watched YouTube series on the Tesla Model Y teardown.  The #keepthechange hashtag started to catch on.

A fan of Sandy’s show, Jason Wang of Cypress River Advisors, sympathized with this message and provided Munro & Associates with a few thousand masks shipped over from Taiwan so that Sandy could hand them out to the front line cashiers at local grocery stores so that their employees could be protected without having to pay for masks.  Cypress River Advisors has been instrumental in distributing face masks for free to hospitals, nursing homes and communities in need across America, Japan and Taiwan recently and is still collecting donations to do so. (Click here to donate).

The grocery stores were elated and it definitely put a smile on the managers and employees faces (albeit, hard to see under the masks).  This story was then picked up by CORP! Magazine where you can read the full story story here.


Sandy Munro’s Tesla Y teardown finds its way into the Wall Street Journal

Sandy Munro Wall Street Journal Tesla Model Y

Sandy Munro’s Tesla Y teardown finds its way into the Wall Street Journal

Sandy Munro once again found himself the topic of interest in the latest Wall Street Journal article entitled, “Is Tesla’s Model Y Crossover the World’s Best Car?” by Dan Neil.

Dan starts off his article, “I WAS debating whether to proclaim the new Tesla Model Y the best car in the world.”  He goes on to reference several sources that help them to come up with this conclusion, including the observations made by our founder Sandy Munro in a recent Teslarati article and, of course, the body of evidence found in Munro’s recent Model Y teardown series on YouTube.

Dan writes that during the pandemic shutdown, Sandy Munro’s YouTube series has elevated him to the status of “EV folk hero,” inspiring viewers such as himself to be in awe of this engineering marvel.  He does go on to mention the flaws that Sandy found in the car but reiterating that all of this is overshadowed by the overwhelming technological leaps found in this vehicle.

To view the full article in the Wall Street Journal, click here!

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