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Munro and Sabic Explain New VW ID.4 Battery Tray

Sabic and Munro Associates Innovation Workshop VW ID.4 Weight Reduction

Munro and Sabic Explain New VW ID.4 Battery Tray

In this fascinating long-format episode, Sandy along with John Waters (Technology and Innovations Leader) from Sabic begin by telling stories about the EV 1 battery tray which both of them worked on in the past.  Sandy talks about how the OEM slowed down the process and caused Delco, where John used to work, to jump through several prototype hoops which were unproductive, but eventually the Lean Design, weight-reduced and fire-retardent superior design was chosen.

Moving on, the group meets up with Dave Sullivan (Leader, Americas Automotive Marketing as Sabic) and they walk through the new project and discuss the combined efforts of the group (over 40 people total) who came together for the Munro Sabic and VW workshop as well as suppliers.

The episode then winds through the innovation workshop and highlights the findings and process that culminated in a 53% weight reduction of the battery tray.  If you are a product design engineer, you don’t want to miss this episode.  Click below to watch the full video:

Happy New Year 2021 – What’s Next?

New Year Munro 2021

Happy New Year 2021 – What’s Next?

Well… 2020 has come and gone, leaving the world a very new and different place.  Some companies did not survive the transitions that all were forced to face, but some survived and grew and we are proud to say that Munro & Associates is one of the survivors!

But what is going to come next in 2021?  With lot’s of uncertainty in manufacturing markets and even a new US government, there are many questions hanging in the air.  But one thing is for certain, Munro & Associates is poised to bring you more great content – the leading edge of technologies in the burgeoning EV industry, as well as many others.  So this is your time to give us input and feedback as to what things you would like to see next?

To have your voices heard, please let us know what you are interested in seeing/learning about next by contacting us at sales@leandesign.com

From all of us at Munro & Associates, we wish you a better year in 2021.  May you all stay safe and we hope we can provide you with continuing quality content!

Munro Does a Tesla 4680 Battery Pack Mockup

Munro Does a Mockup of the Tesla 4680 Battery Pack

Munro Does a Tesla 4680 Battery Pack Mockup

In today’s Thanksgiving episode of Munro Live, Sandy and the team have put together a life-size mockup of the newly announced 4680 Tesla Battery pack.

Sandy starts off explaining some battery basics and then dives into why we think the battery system is laid out the way that it is.  No spoilers here, you have to watch the video.  Click below to watch:

Three-Wheeled EV – Introducing the Nobe Car

Nobe Car USA Munro & Associates

Three-Wheeled EV – Introducing the Nobe Car

Munro & Associates is proud to announce that they are working with the Nobe Car company on their new vehicle launch.  The Nobe Car is a modern classic design on a three-wheeled EV platform.  The original design comes from Estonia, now brought to the US, and all done within the short time span of a few years (compared with the usual decade or more found with new vehicle lines in other car or sport vehicle companies.

In this reveal video, Sandy Munro presents several aspects of the Nobe car in tandem with the President of Nobe Cars USA, Inc. Mati Otsmaa.  Munro will be working with Nobe to improve its design and make it easier to manufacture while saving costs in order to help bring this car to market even faster.

The Nobe car is electrically efficient while bringing style and nostalgia.  It can go 180 miles on one charge making it practical while having better handling than motorcycle in the snow (you have to see the video to believe it!)

Click here to watch the full interview:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4OjSJrgn4A&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=MunroLive

What is in the box? Munro Reveals Its Newest Project

What is in the box NOBE MUNRO ASSOCIATES

What is in the box? Munro Reveals Its Newest Project

Exciting times at Munro & Associates today as we release our newest project – the Nobe car!  Over the coming weeks, we will be covering all of the interesting features of this beautiful little car and Sandy is pumped to not only analyze the existing vehicle but to show how we will improve the design through our time tested methodologies.

As this is just a teaser you will have to stay tuned to find out where this takes us, but in the meantime, please watch this unveiling vignette that in true unboxing video fashion is satisfying to watch:

Click here to watch the video:




Live Stream on Munro Live YouTube with Frost & Sullivan TODAY at 12:00PM EST!!!

Munro Associates Live Stream with Frost and Sulivan

Live Stream on Munro Live YouTube with Frost & Sullivan

Tune in today at 12:00pm for a live stream with the Munro team hosted by Frost and Sulivan.  Click here to watch:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrVAZmVeOHg

Frost & Sullivan invites you to a joint briefing with Munro & Associates on “Tesla Strategy ‘Unbundled’: Creating a ‘New Industry’ Based on ‘Networked Energy'”, to be held on 28 July 2020 at noon EST (9 a.m. PST; 6 p.m. CET). Benny Daniel, Business Unit Leader – Mobility, Aerospace & Defense Practice (NA) and VP – Consulting, Frost & Sullivan, together with Sandy Munro, CEO, Munro Associates, will provide strategic insights into the key technical and tactical factors that distinguish Tesla from its competitors.

Key topics discussed include:

-The seven strategies at the core of Tesla’s master plan

-What it takes to go beyond cars to create a lifestyle product

-Tesla’s approach to ‘total cost of ownership’ (TCO) and its subsequent marketing messages

-Future high-performance computers and how they can enable customized strategies

Arcimoto Stock Still Has Plenty More to Climb

Arcimoto Stock Still Has Plenty More to Climb

Arcimoto Stock Still Has Plenty More to Climb

According to John Whitefoot at Profit Confidential, Arcimoto’s climb is only just beginning.  2020 saw Arcimotos stock climb from the mid $2 range to well over $7 and it’s not done yet.

The end of 2019 was very important for Arcimoto, marking their transition into their first retail production. But even despite the setbacks of the COVID Pandemic, Arcimoto only closed from March to May and still wound up having a first-quarter revenue of $616,795, compared to $2645 in the prior-year period.

Arcimoto has gone on to raise 26.5 million from institutional investors in the last few months which has bolstered their stock even more.

Munro and Associates were contracted to work on Arcimoto’s FUV during this time to improve its design and manufacturability which garnered the notice of the investors.  As the next phase of analysis is beginning with Munro, other investment banks seem to be paying close attention to the progress.

Arcimoto has been recently featured in a few Munro videos such as this quick overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8yV99P7Tx0

Other vlogger shows have also picked up this collaboration between Munro and Arcimoto, such as Galileo Russel’s Hyper Change where he flat out asks Arcimoto CEO, Mark Frohnmayer, how will Sandy Munro add value to Arcimoto?  Watch the clip here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlSOAvAkgas

But for an analyst’s look at Arcimoto’s climb and potential future lies, read this informative article here:

Arcimoto Inc: Overlooked EV Stock Up 287% in 2020, Still Has Tremendous Upside

Want to know what kinds of technology Munro may be introducing to the Arcimoto?  Check out our Model Y report which showcases the leading EV technology.  This report has it in detail and no other car we have analyzed has this many technology leaps.  One of those leaps is the Octovalve and Thermal System which is such a unique technology that we created a separate report just on it.  Also, Munro has reports on 3 EV Inverters and a comparison of 10 of the leading EV motors and the Model 3.

If you are serious about competing in the new EV world, these reports are a must-have.  Don’t be left in the dust while your competitors reap the knowledge contained in these tomes.  Reports of this type don’t exist anywhere else in the market.  Contact sales@leandesign.com for more information.

CORP! Magazine Recognizes Munro in COVID-19 Heroes

Corp Magazine Sandy Munro Mask Giving

CORP! Magazine Recognizes Munro in COVID-19 Heroes

In the most recent issue of “CORP! Magazine”, there is a featured section on Michigan companies that picked up the fight against COVID in their own way to help make better of a terrible situation through providing community solutions to the cause.

Sandy Munro started off early talking about the importance of paying it forward to the front line cashiers at local grocery stores in order to acknowledge their risk of catching the illness in the act of performing their jobs by tipping them with whatever change is leftover in a person’s grocery bill.  This topic was featured in Munro’s now highly watched YouTube series on the Tesla Model Y teardown.  The #keepthechange hashtag started to catch on.

A fan of Sandy’s show, Jason Wang of Cypress River Advisors, sympathized with this message and provided Munro & Associates with a few thousand masks shipped over from Taiwan so that Sandy could hand them out to the front line cashiers at local grocery stores so that their employees could be protected without having to pay for masks.  Cypress River Advisors has been instrumental in distributing face masks for free to hospitals, nursing homes and communities in need across America, Japan and Taiwan recently and is still collecting donations to do so. (Click here to donate).

The grocery stores were elated and it definitely put a smile on the managers and employees faces (albeit, hard to see under the masks).  This story was then picked up by CORP! Magazine where you can read the full story story here.


Sandy Munro’s Tesla Y teardown finds its way into the Wall Street Journal

Sandy Munro Wall Street Journal Tesla Model Y

Sandy Munro’s Tesla Y teardown finds its way into the Wall Street Journal

Sandy Munro once again found himself the topic of interest in the latest Wall Street Journal article entitled, “Is Tesla’s Model Y Crossover the World’s Best Car?” by Dan Neil.

Dan starts off his article, “I WAS debating whether to proclaim the new Tesla Model Y the best car in the world.”  He goes on to reference several sources that help them to come up with this conclusion, including the observations made by our founder Sandy Munro in a recent Teslarati article and, of course, the body of evidence found in Munro’s recent Model Y teardown series on YouTube.

Dan writes that during the pandemic shutdown, Sandy Munro’s YouTube series has elevated him to the status of “EV folk hero,” inspiring viewers such as himself to be in awe of this engineering marvel.  He does go on to mention the flaws that Sandy found in the car but reiterating that all of this is overshadowed by the overwhelming technological leaps found in this vehicle.

To view the full article in the Wall Street Journal, click here!

Most importantly, if you or your team wants to get ahead in the new EV world, our reports on the Model Y will put you in the driver’s seat.  We cover everything featured in our video series and more.  Also, our report on the leading 10 Electric Motors will let you know where everyone stands in the EV motor world. Whether you are an OEM, supplier, or manufacturer looking to get into the shifting EV market, these reports can give you an advantage now instead of wasting money trying to analyze in-house. Contact us today at sales@leandesign.com to learn more!