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Exclusive Sandy Munro guided tour of Munro

Sandy Munro Exclusive Tour of Munro and Associates

Exclusive Sandy Munro guided tour of Munro

For those of you interested in seeing more of Munro & Associates and what our facilities look like, Sandy has put together a video that takes the viewer on a guided tour and walks down memory lane.

This “behind the scenes” tour quickly delves into some of the products and projects Munro has worked on in the past, notably Club Car golf carts, Mini Cooper, Chrysler Pentastar engine, LG TVs, Javelin Missles and much more.  From medical devices to rice cookers, airplanes to video game consoles, Munro has worked on products in every manufacturing field.

Sandy then introduces the audience to Munro’s technology transfer center and reveals some of the interesting toys Munro gets to play with, just before the main walkthrough of our teardown area.

To see the whole video, click here!

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