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“Dirty Tesla” with Chris and Sandy Reveal Tesla FSD Beta 9.0

Chris the President of the Tesla Owners Club of Michigan and YouTube channel Dirty Tesla

In today’s episode of Munro Live, Sandy and Chris, who is the President of the Tesla Owners Club of Michigan and YouTube channel Dirty Tesla, test drive a Tesla Model Y with full self-driving (FSD 9.0).

Chris was lucky enough to get an FSD Beta version 9 Tesla Y, so that he can test it out and was nice enough to let Sandy come for a ride to explain the new feature and get a feel for what it is like. Starting in Munro’s parking lot, Chris gets Sandy to choose a destination on the map and from there the FSD does its magic in navigating to the randomly chosen spot. The first thing that is apparent is that the car can still navigate its way through the parking lot even though there are no lines and it is not a structured street which in and of itself is impressive.

If you want a good feel for what FSD feels like and how it performs, this is the video for you. Also, viewers will get an insight on where Tesla is going in the future with FSD, Sandy’s opinions on radar vs FLIR, and much more. Also, check out Chris’ channel Dirty Tesla here for more great videos from him.

And, of course, click on the video below to watch this exciting episode:

The State of EV’s and Solid State Batteries on Canada Talks Electric Cars

Electric Vehicle Society of Canada Ep 14 Sandy Munro Talks State of EVs and Solid State Batteries

In this exciting new show, Sandy presents to the audience of Canada Talks Electric Cars hosted and created by Tim Burrows of the EV Society in Canada.

Although one of the most interesting things that Sandy covers in this webinar is, of course, solid state batteries, including potential capabilities, trade-offs with other battery technologies, and how close we are to getting these in vehicles including a company that is close, but Sandy goes far beyond just this topic including other bleeding edge technologies for EVs.

In this webinar you will find predictions for where Sandy sees the EV market from now until 2028, the state of the I.C.E. vehicle market and where they will stand in the future, Tesla and it 4680 batteries, China roll in the coming EV market, ADAS, Teledyne FLIR, mega-casting body designs, hydrogen fuel cells, plasma kinetics, and a great Canadian startup – Springpower. This webinar is jam-packed with information, data, charts, technology reveals, and exciting new concepts. If you are an EV enthusiast, you don’t want to miss out!

Click on the link below to watch the full webinar:

Sandy and Ben Look at the Ford Mustang Mach-E Instrument Panel

Sandy Munro and Ben do a Mach-E Instrument Panel review

In this episode of Munro Live, Sandy and Ben explore the Instrument Panel of the Ford Mach-E and point out all of their interesting findings.

Sandy starts off by pointing out the massive magnesium casting for the structure of the instrument panel, explaining that it is his favorite choice of material because the casting will perform excellent in a crash situation and has the benefit of being one of the most sound-absorbing materials, helping to reduce NVH.

Ben goes on to point out the molded-in features in the casting that help with the alignment and positioning of components that are added to it. Ben also likes the mounting features that the magnesium casting has. Ben goes on to point out that the vehicle has a column mounted power stearing motor which is an interesting choice, because while it might have been more efficient to mount the motor on the rack, it would have been more expensive and might have intruded in the space created for the frunk.

Ben and Sandy move on to the features they like and don’t like on the interior of the IP, covering the steering wheel and its ability to be easily adjusted, the vents, infotainment system, glove box, HVAC system and more. But then they move into the cavity area behind the IP and they pick up on some interesting hidden features that are probably meant for an ADAS unit in the future.

Watch the full episode by clicking below:

Mach-E Suspension & High Voltage Wiring Compared to Tesla Model Y

Cory Steuben Gives Thumbs Up on Ford Mach-E Suspension

In this episode of Munro Live, Sandy and Munro’s president Cory Steuben go through the suspension and high voltage wiring of the Ford Mach-E.

Cory, who is an expert in suspensions at Munro, gives us a walkthrough of all of his findings on this Vehicles suspension, giving the rear link suspension an A, but not and A+ for a cost and performance perspective, only for the fact that one of the links is not straight, which means you can’t choose the most efficient cost manufacturing method due to the fact that the bend in the one link requires the operator to have to weld the piece again in order to maintain structural integrity to compensate for the extra loads being exerted on that piece.

From rear to front suspension and the HV wiring surounding it, this is quite an information packed video. So if you are an engineering student looking to get a great insight into how suspension “should” be made as well as some deep insight into the HV wiring and design choices that Ford made on this vehicle, you NEED to watch this whole episode through.

Click on the link below:

Have a Look Inside of the Mach-E Battery Box

Have a look inside the Ford Mach-E battery box with Mark Ellis and Sandy Munro

In this episode of Munro Live, Sandy, Mark Ellis, and Victor Trevino open the Mach-E battery box up and take us on a tour of its insides.

The show starts off with a comparison of the size of the ID.4 vs the Mach-E battery box and then goes into design choices made by each company.

But the real meat of the video begins when Mark starts to explain what he finds with the batteries and the management system itself. From two different sized batteries, to a high wire count for the battery management system, there are some interesting finds within the box.

But to learn more, you will have to watch the video by clicking below:

First look at the Ford Mustang Mach-E Electric Battery

First look at the Ford Mustang Mach-E Electric Battery

In this episode of Munro Live, Sandy and Ben have a look at the electric battery setup in the Mustang Mach-E. The episode begins with Sandy and Ben looking at the underbelly of the vehicle after the battery tray has been removed. The battery tray is bolted in place under the vehicle into a rocker panel that combines together to create a structural member. This is a good design choice for the vehicle.

Going forward to the front of the car, Ben explains why the battery box also fits into an extruded aluminum piece that is also attached to a hollow cast aluminum piece behind the front craddle in order to create a crush zone, protecting the battery in a front collision.

Sandy and ben then go on to explain the connectors going to the battery and what they are for and finally they talk about the structural aspects of the battery box itself.

From there Sandy and Ben go through a chart comparing different electric vehicles batteries ranges, capacity and weights. Sandy puts out a special plea to help Audi with some of their designs that we think could be improved… for a cost of course, but to understand why, you will have to watch the video by clicking below:

Ford Maverick Review with Chief Engineer Chris Mazur

Ford Maverick Review with Chief Engineer Chris Mazur

In this episode of Munro Live, Sandy is lead by Chief Engineer Chris Mazur through the new Ford Maverick and all of it’s great details and features. Sandy himself says that this is a great intro to electric vehicles for your kid going to college or your own multipurpose EV.

From the interior to the exterior, performance to enhancements, and even walking through a prototype of the bed of the truck, Chris shows the audience everything a prospective buyer would want to know about this vehicle.

To watch the whole video, click on the link below:

Teledyne Flir: Thermal Camera Systems

Sandy Interviews John Eggert Teledyne Flir Thermal Camera Systems

In this long form interview Sandy Munro sits down with John Eggert from Teledyne FLIR to have a discuss as well as a demonstration of their thermal camera system.

The interview starts with a background of John, starting with Spartan Electronics. John also got the chance to work with Allen K. Breed, the man who championed airbags starting with ball-in-tube sensor devices, way back in the day. John has always been a proponent of automotive safety systems and moved into the LIDAR sales arena becoming one of the first LIDAR sales people in 2015, then finally seeing that FLIR offers more safety and advantages auto companies, John joined their ranks.

FLIR (Now Teledyne FLIR) is prolific in the automotive industry having produced and sold over 1M sensors for vehicles with 100% of the market share in it’s particular niche area. Teledyne FLIR has produced many breakthroughs in thermal camera technology over the past 17 years starting with the BMW models going forward.

In this video, John leads Sandy on a complete tour of how the FLIR system works with vehicles in a live driving situation, showing how FLIR is the best technology for safety as they can see living beings better than any other system out there.

If you are interested in how FLIR will work with upcoming ADAS systems, or even if you are just a technology enthusiast, this video will impress the viewer and inform them thoroughly! Click below to see the video:

Sandy Does a Walkthrough of How Seat Works in the Mach-E

Sandy Does a Walkthrough of the Mach-E Seats

Sandy Does a Walkthrough of How Seat Works in the Mach-E

Sandy takes us on a walkthrough of what you can expect to find in a seat, in particular, one of the Mach-E seats.

From hog rings to the controls of a 6-way seat with 2 lumbar controls (or an 8-way seat if you are Ford), the viewer will learn the basics of what is inside a seat, how seats are assembled, and the controls and structures.

For the full video click below: