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Munro Talks Tesla Model 3 Manufacturing, Model Y Wiring, and EV Competition with All Things EVs

Munro & Associates CEO Sandy Munro and Mark Ellis, senior lead design consultant, recently sat down with Sean Mitchell of All Things EV to discuss the Tesla Model 3, EV technology and manufacturing, and the upcoming Tesla Model Y.

The discussion covers a variety of topics, nicely outlined by Sean here:

  • What does Munro & Associates do? 1:06
  • What is your technical background? 3:03
  • What are traditional automakers doing well with EVs? 5:13
  • What pending EV are you most excited about? 11:38
  • Why are we not seeing more competitive range EVs from traditional OEMs? 13:57
  • Do EV makers need to create their own cells to be competitive? 16:22
  • Will Tesla get into the battery raw materials business? 22:01
  • Why is the Model 3 over-manufactured? 26:44
  • Is a 204 mile e-tron and 235 mile I-Pace viable for the luxury EV market? 31:25
  • What do you make of Rivian’s product and will Ford take advantage of their tech? 36:41
  • What did you discover between how Tesla and others approached overall design and manufacturing? 45:36
  • You’ve compared Tesla’s hardware tech to what you see in fighter jets, can you expound on that? 52:50

Interestingly, Sandy shares that Munro has plans to acquire and tear down an early Model Y. He’s most interested to see what changes Tesla has made to the body, as well as what the wiring looks as it’s reduced from over a kilometer to a few hundred meters.

Check out the full video here: https://youtu.be/i93VJ1PEp6o

Munro’s Cory Steuben Shares Secrets of Tesla and Other Leading EVs at The Battery Show

Presenting to a standing room only crowd, Munro & Associates’ Cory Steuben, account director, offered automotive engineers objective technical information about today’s leading EVs during two sessions at The Battery Show North America recently held in Novi, Mich.

During two presentations, Steuben compared EV systems integrations across car companies/vehicles and demonstrated why a vertically integrated company, such as Tesla, is leading the way and why the domestics must rethink their designs if they want to catch up.

Steuben first presented “Tesla Model 3 vs. Jaguar I-PACE Motor Insights” where he showcased two disassembled electric motors: one Tesla Model 3 internal permanent magnet (IPM); and one Jaguar I-PACE IPM.

“When it comes to motors, we see many different attempts across many manufacturers—particularly with the geometry of how they put the magnets into their internal permanent magnet motors,” said Steuben. “When you look at the ideal shape is actually very expensive to manufacture—it would be three or four sets of parabolic magnets. There is no common orientation. With the Jaguar, we see three stacked magnets, all neodymium-ferrite-born magnets which is similar to others in the magnet material. Tesla does a simple single V. We have seen six or seven variations in various forms.”

For more Steuben’s insights on Jaguar I-PACE and Tesla Model 3 motor configurations, check out this Design News article: Motors Are as Important as Batteries In The World Of EVs

Steuben also presented “Electric Vehicle System-Level Integration Trends & Thermal-Electrical Management Synergies,” where he provided a detailed report on the system-level integration advancements that are impacting the OEM-level development of thermal and electrical systems. He highlighted system integration trends from the past and present, with a focus on the Tesla Model 3 Superbottle and integrated system.