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Tesla Giga-Berlin Review with Sandy & Cory

Tesla Giga Berlin Review Sandy Munro

In today’s long format episode of Munro Live, Sandy and Cory sit and discuss what they know about the Tesla Giga-Berlin factory.

We remind the audience that we get our information from public sources and other YouTubers we are friends with, but we have not had a chance to actually go through the factory ourselves. We haven’t been invited to any of these kinds of events and moreover, we wouldn’t go if it were on someone else’s dime, as we never want to be indebted to anyone or feel like we owe anyone anything.

This is quite a long video but it captures many of the key questions and observations that have been posed to us by viewers.

In this episode we talk about how Volkswagen is bewildered that Tesla can pump out a car in 10 hours vs the 30 hours it takes them. We are sure that more car manufacturers feel the same way. Elon Musk has created a superior system in both the China plant as well as the new Berlin plant that is not rivaled by any equivalent car manufacturing facility that we have seen.

This episode on the Tesla Giga-Berlin factory pulls on pictures and insights from Inside EVs and David Lee on Investing. That being said we give our unbiased impressions on the layout of the building, the speed at which is operates, what innovations we can see in the plant, how it compares to other facilities that we have seen, the robotics and the batter productions.

Don’t miss out on this very informative video for a deep look at what we think about the Tesla Giga-Berlin factory as well as our predictions on where we see its success compared to others for years to come.

Click below to watch this video now:

Sandy Munro Sits Down With David Lee On Tesla Disrupting the Auto Industry

David Lee On Investing With Sandy Munro

Sandy Munro Sits Down With David Lee On Tesla Disrupting the Auto Industry

In this episode of David Lee On Investing, Sandy has a chance to talk in-depth on his experiences with Tesla and Elon Musk in particular.

The Interview starts off by talking about how Sandy and Cory got a chance to speak directly with Elon Musk at SpaceX in Boca Chica Texas.  Sandy explains the process behind getting the interview as well as the ensuing design review that Sandy was asked to participate in talking about improvements on to be made on the rockets at SpaceX.

The interview covers Sandy’s impressions on Tesla, Elon, the direction of the automotive industry, especially electric vehicles as well as some surprises that may come up.

Check out this great interview by clicking below:

Elon Musk Interview: with Sandy Munro

Sandy Munro Talks in Person with Elon Musk

Elon Musk Interview: with Sandy Munro

Well… this is the video that maybe you all have been waiting for – Sandy Munro gets a chance to sit down directly, face-to-face to have a talk with Elon Musk himself!

Sandy Munro’s chat with Elon Musk at Boca Chica Texas, covers: Tesla production, mega-castings, Model 3 Seats, structural battery packs, MBA’s, short-Sellers and more!

If you are a Tesla Fan, you DO NOT want to miss watching this video!  Click below now:


Sandy Munro’s Christmas Episode & Tesla Parts Giveaway

Sandy Munro Christmas Episode & Tesla Parts Giveaway

Sandy Munro’s Christmas Episode & Tesla Parts Giveaway

Well, it is that time of year again.  We have finally reached Christmas of this whacky and as Sandy puts it,
“miserable” year.  However, Sandy and the team at Munro would like to take some time to bring you a little Christmas joy with our Christmas special.

In this episode, Sandy has some spirited messages regarding this sobering year, but most importantly, he lifts our spirits and awards the winners of the many car parts and whatnot, so if you were near the top of that list getting us over the 100K subscriber mark please watch to find your name, because for many of you, there is only your YouTube name and not your real name, so we need to get in touch with the real people that won so that we can get your mailing addresses and send you your prizes.  If you see your YouTube name at the end of the credits in the list of winners, please get in touch with us by emailing munro.giveaway@gmail.com.

This episode is seriously funny and heartwarming so please have a look, but either way, the team at Munro would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, etc., and a Happy New Year.  We hope you are all safe and look forward to making many new videos for in the upcoming year… including the new Model 3 😉

Happy Holidays! – Team Munro

Industry Week 7 Developments Shaping Automotive in 2021

Industry Week 7 Developments Edit

Industry Week 7 Developments Shaping Automotive in 2021

Sandy Munro get featured in the Industry Week article “Back to the Future: 7 Developments Shaping Automotive in 2021 and Beyond” by Laura Putre. On page three of this seven slide article entitled, “Battery Battles Heating Up”, we see the familiar picture of Sandy Munro working on and explaining his mock up of the battery bay system using example replica’s of the new Tesla 4680 batteries.

The article goes on to explain why everyone is watching Tesla’s developments with both awe and fear and why Sandy thinks that the legacy automakers are going to have a hard time catching up.  It’s a great article for some sobering statistics on Tesla’s new batteries as well as where the legacy automakers stand.

To read the full article, click here:




Munro’s Follow-up Episode On The 4680 Battery Pack

Tesla 4680 Follow Up

Munro’s Follow-up Episode On The 4680 Battery Pack

In this episode, Sandy follows up from his last video we did on the 4680 Battery Pack where he addresses several of the comments we got about the original video.  Some interesting points go into more detail about how the system is cooled using the Octovalve and why those choices were made as well as Tesla incredible ability to make quick and smart design changes.

Sandy also reveals that our humble channel has finally reached the 100K subscribers mark and that in a future episode we will be announcing the winners of the various prizes that will be distributed soon!


Sandy Builds Tesla Battery Bay

Light Guide

Sandy Builds Tesla Battery Bay

In this episode, Sandy builds a Tesla Battery Tray using Light Guide Systems.  This ingenious setup allows an operator to assemble a complex series of parts with a great amount of ease and precision by giving the operator visual steps on the screen as well as on the parts themselves; shining a light in the shape of the parts and illuminating the places where pieces must be inserted/assembled.

The Light Guide System is the world’s leading software tool for Augmented Reality Manufacturing, enabling even a first-time operator to quickly and painlessly get trained and perform new processes and assemblies.  As you can see in the video, Sandy is assembling the battery tray for the first time, but it takes him no time at all to figure out what he has to do in any particular operation to assemble the parts.

According to their website, Light Guid AR Software Engine enables and provides the following:

  • Install seamlessly onto single workstations or across entire assembly lines.
  • Project visual prompts in the form of text, graphics, animations, pictures, drawings, or videos.
  • Eliminate operator reliance on printed work instructions, computer screens or memory for guidance.
  • Provide operator guidance and confirmation that each step was properly completed.
  • Capture full digital traceability: automatically record cycle production times, defects, and variable part data to drive real-time data, analytics, and reporting.
  • Error-proof operations, even in high mix / high variation environments.
  • Interface across the Enterprise via realtime connectivity to both custom MES environments as well as standard platforms (ie, Siemens Mindssphere, Microsoft Azure, and PTC Thingworx

But don’t take my word for it, watch this fun video and be blown away by the innovative tool:

Design News Covers Munro’s Upcoming Presentation at The Battery Show

Design News Octovalve Battery Show

Design News Covers Munro’s Upcoming Presentation at The Battery Show

Design News recently interviewed Munro’s own Cory Steuben on his upcoming presentation at the Battery Show and EV Tech Expo Digital Days virtual conference on the infamous Octovalve.

Cory will dive into one of Tesla’s new secret weapon – the Octovalve which Cory describes as, “The world’s best EV thermal management system.”  Cory’s presentation will be Thursday, Nov. 12 at 11:15 am. Follow the link above to sign up for the Battery Show and EV Tech virtual conference and read the full article by Design News here:  https://www.designnews.com/automotive-engineering/secrets-tesla-model-y-octovalve

Charged EV Virtual Conference Featuring Sandy Munro on Sept. 2nd and 3rd

Charged Virtual Conference September 1-3

Charged EV Virtual Conference Featuring Sandy Munro on Sept. 2nd and 3rd

Save the Date!  CEO Sandy Munro will be presenting two sessions during the Charged Virtual Conference which runs September 1st to 3rd online.  Sandy will be giving his insight on how 10 of the leading EV motors compare against each other as well as analyzing a few of the top inverters on the market and their technology and finally covering off on the direction he sees the EV world moving to and how Tesla will affect the market going forward.

This virtual conference will be open to the public and is FREE to sign up for

To register to attend click here: https://chargedevs.com/conference

For more information on the two presentations, click on the respective links below:

On Sept. 2 at 5 p.m. ET, Munro will compare today’s 10 Leading EV Motors – https://bit.ly/2Q0evnZ

On Sept. 3 at 4:45 p.m. ET, Munro will present “Tesla’s Inverter Technology Versus Other BEVs” – https://bit.ly/2DRSLbB


Part 2 Now You Know – Sandy Munro can make the Cybertruck Float?

Sandy Munro Can Make the Cybertruck Float Part 2

Part 2 Now You Know – Sandy Munro can make the Cybertruck Float?

In the second installment of the “In Depth” episode of the YouTube Channel “Now You Know”, Zac and Jesse ask Sandy Munro all sort of questions probing into the even incredulous, such as, “Can the Cyber Truck be made aquatic?”  Want to know Sandy’s answers? Well you will have to watch that show.  Click here now to watch:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUiwKL7fV_I

Sandy also talks about what makes people who will buy a Cybertruck over a conventional truck different and the specific features that make it more appealing to different people’s needs.  There is also talk about Arcimoto and other Munro projects that are going on right now.  Plus… a flying car? What?

Also, just to throw it out there, our Model Y report which showcases all the leading EV technology and those suggestions Munro gave to Tesla can now be purchased. No other car we have analyzed has this many technology leaps.  One of those leaps is the Octovalve and Thermal System which is such a unique technology that we created a separate report just on it.  Also, Munro has reports on 3 EV Inverters and a comparison of 10 of the leading EV motors and the Model 3.

If you are serious about competing in the new EV world, these reports are a must-have.  Don’t be left in the dust while your competitors reap the knowledge contained in these tomes.  Reports of this type don’t exist anywhere else in the market.  Contact sales@leandesign.com for more information.