Tearing Down Tesla Segment 6: The cost of a parking pawl

Did you know that the Tesla Model 3 does not have a parking pawl and actuator in its gearbox?


The Tesla Model 3 is unique, as it doesn’t have a parking pawl and actuator in its gearbox like most other electric vehicles, such as the BMW i3. This is potentially made possible by relying more on the EPB (electric park brake) units on the rear calipers in the brake system.

For reference, the BMW i3 also has EPB units on its rear calipers, along with the traditional park brake pawl in the gearbox.                                                                                                      

Data: The BMW i3 spends approximately $25 on parking pawl components and assembly, more than half of which is associated to the actuator for the parking pawl. These are costs that the Tesla design avoids incurring.

Methodology: Using Design Profit’s comparison tools, Munro was able to identify cost and component differences between the two designs.