Thank You for Attending the Seminar!

Munro Associates Live Stream with Frost and Sulivan

Munro Associates Live Stream with Frost and Sulivan

To start I would like to thank you all for attending our latest seminar. We hoped you gained a new perspective on what Munro provides to our customers as well as market trends for the future.

We also wanted to introduce you to a few more extras that you might find helpful!

We are offering our BMW i3 Teardown and Analysis Report for the VERY low price $10!!! Why? This is a way of giving back to the community, but also it showcases what a Munro report entails. This report is however abridged despite the fact it is still almost 24,000 pages long. Our more current reports provide more analysis and options. But for $10, nothing is like this on the market anywhere!

Here is the link: BMW i3 Report $10

We are also offering the sample report for the Telsa Model Y for $5. This isn’t the full teardown report by any means but instead a handy guide that shows what can be expected from the full report except in miniature. The real numbers have been obfuscated or changed, but the spirit of the report can be found within.

Here is the link: Tesla Model Y Sample Report

If you are interested in one of our more current studies, look to the navigation bar on the right of your screen to see a selection of more current reports on offer, such as the full Tesla Model Y Report. Click on the links to view the PDF prospectus’ with pricing.

Lastly, as this was just a glimpse inside Munro, you might be interested in a more personal guided tour, which we have on offer through this link here. Sandy will guide you through the rest of our facilities with story telling and open candor, recalling several projects Munro has worked on in the past.

And if you want to view the rest of our free videos that are available at Munro Live YouTube, check out our channel:–iMtToRO_cGG_fpmP5XQ

Once again, thank you for attending and we hope to hear from you again soon!