The Munro Report Archives

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Issue 001 Quality=Profit, Teamwork

Issue 002 Timing: Do it Right the First Time, Minimize The Number of Parts

Issue 003 Knowledge is power, Avoiding Epensive Secondary Fastening Operations, Future Combat Systems, ROTC Award, CPI Symposium

Issue 004 Making American Manufacturing Competitive Again, Thermo Fischer Scientific, Designing Out Handling Problems

Issue 005 Aluminum Structures Inspired by the Human Bone, Oldenburg Group, Use Gravity – Don’t Fight It, Future Combat Systems

Issue 006 A Smoother PLM Process, Munro leads Chrysler to Toyota productivity levels, Design parts that are easy to self locate, NDIA Robotics Conference

Issue 007 Saving Money in Manufacturing without going to China, Lean Design Canada receives grant money to train companies, Design The Parts To Fixture Themselves

Issue 008 Dr. Deming’s Teachings Apropos For Today, Survival Favors the Prepared, Basalt Fiber, Design a product for “Poka Yoke” (Error Proof)

Issue 009 Cost Estimating Methods, Question Servicing And Simplify Or Eliminate Packaging, Activities behind the names

Issue 010 Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL), Eliminate Movements, Adjustments, Ergonomic Problems, and Reorienations.

Issue 011 Recharging an American Classic: Sweet Manufacturing, Modeling and Predicting Cost Occurs at Multiple Levels, Munro Hosts The Cigars For Troops Campaign, Munro Award Presented at NDIA ROTC Awards Banquet

Issue 012 A Matter of Perspective, The Newest Associates, Opportunity Down Under, Activities Behind the Names

Issue 013 American Manufacturing Strategies Summit; How Confident are you that your design is Producible?; Munro Awarded GSA Schedule

Issue 014 DMC 2011 Just Around the Corner & Ensuring Long Term Operational Success

Issue 015 UBM TechInsights and EE Times to Share Analysis of Chevy Volt Components at DWES Conference